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Twitter user solves why Chicago “gun violence” is happening

This guy deserves a medal......for the dumbest and most ridiculous thought of the decade:

At first I thought this was a joke from a parody account, but it’s not:

Sure, Rizza. These “white nationalists“ are dressing up in silicone body suits to disguise themselves as African Americans in order to blend in with gangs and go kill people. I’m sure they got their training for this super secret mission on the hidden Nazi moon base that was activated in 2018 for an assault on Earth:

Seriously, Rizza, you’re grasping at straws here.

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Larry Spencer
Larry Spencer
Jul 16, 2020

"The full silicone body suits that White men can purchase..."

Fascinating. I may have to rethink my setting for "targeted ads that appeal to me."

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