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VA, you can thanks Rhonda Ezell in part for your court victory today

Updated: May 20, 2020

Earlier today, gun owners in Lynchburg, VA were granted a victory:

LYNCHBURG, Va. (WDBJ7)-- A Lynchburg judge has granted an injunction, saying a Lynchburg gun range is exempt from Governor Northam's order regarding businesses that should be closed during the coronavirus pandemic, meaning it's okay for the range to operate.
The entire ruling is attached to this story.
A lawsuit was filed by Virginia Citizens Defense League, Gun Owners of America and SafeSide Tactical, saying the governor's Executive Order (EO) to close non-essential businesses, specifically indoor gun ranges, is unconstitutional.

Ruling is here:

Rhonda to this day is still fighting the good fight and this goes to show what rulings in other states far from Chicago can gain from her case. For more on Rhonda Ezell, follow her on Twitter and check out her civil rights advocacy group, Chicago Guns Matter. For more on Ezell v. City of Chicago, click here. While today’s ruling applies only to one range, it lays the groundwork to be used to make it apply for more (get those lawyers on the phone, Virginia ranges!). That‘s how this works.

We’re glad Ms. Ezell is on our side and also a friend of Mom-At-Arms. She rocks and is a great person to work/chat with :)

As for now, I bet the lines are going to be long at SafeSide Tactical!


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