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Virginia Democrats: Senator Mark Warner

"I don't think there's a single piece of legislation (would've stopped the Santa Fe Mass Shooting in 2018), but there are a series of actions," Warner said during an interview on CNN's "State of the Union."
"Are there things we can do that would improve the safety of our schools? Absolutely. Should there be more mental health counseling for troubled teens ... ? Absolutely. Making sure people are safer with their own firearms? Absolutely," he continued.

But Warner was adamant a comprehensive approach aimed at stopping similar tragedies in the future had to include some degree of gun control, such as measures addressing background checks and assault-style weapons.


On May 18th, 2018, 17 year old Dimitrios Pagourtzis walked into Santa Fe High School, in Santa Fe, TX with a sawed- off style 12 gauge shotgun, a .38 revolver and several HOMEMADE PIPE BOMBS!

Both firearms were LEGALLY purchased by Pagourtzis father and were stored away- Dimitrios STOLE them for his crime. Neither of the weapons were of what Gun Grabbers define as "Weapons of War," aka... "Assault Weapons," like they do an AR-15.

Assault weapon is a term used in the United States to define some types of firearms. The definition varies among regulating jurisdictions but usually includes semi-automatic rifles with a detachable magazine, a pistol grip and sometimes other features such as a vertical forward grip, flash suppressor or barrel shroud. (Per Wikipedia)

Annnnnnd in reference to the Pipe Bombs, as per the ATF:

Explosive devices commonly referred to as M-80s; M-100s, M-250s; M-1000s, and cherry bombs exceed the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission's explosive weight limits for consumer fireworks and are therefore classified as illegal by ATF and many other law enforcement agencies. (Per ATF)

But why is Senator Mark Warner of Virginia talking about Gun Control measures, such as Universal Background Checks and an "Assault Weapons" ban?

The actions of the Santa Fe High School Shooter, Dimitrios Pagourtzis, were all ILLEGAL. Period. A Universal Background check wouldn't have stopped him from stealing his father's weapons and using them to kill eight of his peers, and two teachers. His father was a law abiding citizen. Dimitrios was NOT- even at a young age. How would the Universal Background Check on Dimitrios's father have stopped DIMITRIOS from committing such a tragedy? How would banning AR-15s- which are considered "Assault Weapons" by the Anti-Gun Culture, have stopped Dimitrios from making PIPE BOMBS to use once his ammo ran out, to kill many many more?


November 5th, 2019, the state that birthed the nation, Virginia, took a hit as redistricting in the metro areas around D.C. used their advantage to "turn the state blue." Needless to say, not even 24 hours later, Democratic Governor, the scandalous Ralph Northam, used the "win" as a means to push more Gun Control- backed by billionaire lobbyist/ politician & Everytown founder... and NOW, Democratic Presidential Hopeful, MICHAEL BLOOMBERG.

The day after the VA Elections, I reached out to my County Senator, Mr. Frank Ruff, and told him that I was ready to fight back more vocally against the corruption within VA Politics. It's quite apparent that Virginia was used as a pawn against the Trump Admin- to allow Never Trumpers and Haters like Bloomberg to step into the spotlight even more. I asked Senator Ruff to consider backing campaign efforts to make MY COUNTY... Pittsylvania County, VA (the largest county in the state) a Gun/ Gun Rights Sanctuary County for VA. Though he admitted it would be a challenge, HE AGREED, so I got on the phone, started emailing as well as DMing/ Posting on social media to rally the troops, and... THINGS ARE IN MOTION...

ALL OVER THE STATE. (One big Gun Sanctuary, if ya ask me! Look at ALL THAT RED!)

A fellow Virginia Resident and Army Veteran, Christopher Settembrino‎, who also wanted to get his voice heard, confronted our Democratic Senators, like Mark Warner, to show his disdain and worry for Virginians as a whole. Senator Warner, rather than sending a personal message back used scripted information from sources MUCH LIKE, Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America & Everytown for Gun Safety- who's statistics have been proven to be exaggerated due to misuse of gun related deaths. (30k Gun Deaths DEBUNKED here)

Christopher got a nicely wrapped pile of Gun Control sent back to him, after he stated his concerns on how Democratic Gun Control measures would negatively affect law enforcement and military officials in Virginia. This is THE LETTER that Senator Mark Warner sent back to Christopher.

I was given permission from Christopher to use his name and this pic

Senator Warner's easy copy and paste, scripted letter says nothing to address the concerns that Christopher actually had. It also does NOTHING to back up stats from the ACTUAL FBI who would be in charge of those UNIVERSAL BACKGROUND CHECKS Gun Grabbers want... that says that Assault- style Weapons (like the AR-15) have NOTHING to do with the high numbers of gun related deaths. Considering the stats that EVEN GUN CONTROL GROUPS USE, the higher number of gun related deaths are because of suicides...

and the NUMBER ONE firearm of choice for suicides are hand guns.

Looks like Senator Mark Warner of Virginia needs to update his letter forms. This isn't looking too good for him... or Gun Grabbers in general.


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