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Virginia Gun Owners Have It Under Control

Like a never- ending story, Virginia's Democratic Lawmakers, backed by Gun Control Lobbyists, continue to push forward with totalitarian... draconian... tyrannical laws, infringing on the rights of Gun Owners in Virginia.

2A Sanctuary after 2A Sanctuary being formed in Virginia, proving that "Gun Sense" votes and polls are a complete pack of lies and scandal- which further proves the corruption behind such entities like Everytown for Gun Safety, Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America, Gifford's Law Center, March For Our Lives, etc... all bought and paid for by Michael Bloomberg.

The Commonwealth of Virginia is comprised of 95 counties and 38 independent cities. The first image is the overall listing of the state of Virginia, with the counties and cities labeled. The bottom image: each bit of green is a 2A Sanctuary County or City. The black are counties/ cities that have either denied the 2A status or waiting to vote on 2A resolutions.


Back in August of 2019, Governor of Virginia, Ralph Northam (D) sent a letter (image below) to the Virginia State Crime Commission, to encourage their backing in support of Gun Control in Virginia, after the tragic shooting in Virginia Beach on May 31st, 2019.

In his letter to the Virginia State Crime Commission (above), Virginia Governor, Ralph Northam, implies that Gun Violence has been an issue in Virginia all along. He even states in his last sentence, that any action or information that disagrees with him, is considered "baseless," or false. (It's right there for ya... last couple of sentences.)

Funny, though... upon research into Governor of Virginia, Ralph Northam's own claims to sway the Virginia State Crime Commission, Mom-At-Arms reached out to the Virginia State Police with lots of questions. The VSP kindly, without detailed comments, directed Mom-At-Arms to their updated crime reports from 2018: Virginia State Police Crime Stats 2018.

In the document linked above: detailed information showing the overall reported crime data in Virginia. In reading the information, you'll find that Virginia, PRIOR TO the VA Beach Shooting and even before Donald Trump became President, Virginia's Crime rates stayed BELOW the National Average. Even AFTER the VA Beach Shooting, hardly any increase in those numbers... ESPECIALLY ANY CRIME INVOLVING GUNS. (It's all right there... for the world to see. Snippets below.)

Each image above shows the number of VA crimes involving assaults- including firearms use. They even show the victim specifics, as well as the offenders. If you dig further into the document (link) and venture to the bottom, you'll find crime reports from county/ city Law Enforcement Offices throughout Virginia. The majority of those that rank the highest for the most crime... are colored black on that 2A Sanctuary Map from before.

How weird is that?

With Virginia being ranked by law enforcement and real estate hubs all over the country as one of the safest states in America, one would be smart to look at the forcing of Gun Control on Virginians as a form of pure tyranny from VA Democrats.

From the data/ stats presented BY REPUTABLE SOURCES IN VIRGINIA (The Virginia State Police for one), looks like Virginia's Gun Owners already have everything under control.

This information is PROOF that Virginia's Democrats (Gun Control Democrats in general) are taking advantage of those of us who follow the law already. Their main mission is to weaken and imprison us, while demanding we bow down to them- because as long as we are weak, they remain rich.


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