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We lost the battle...

Updated: Sep 25, 2020

It’s amazing that just two days prior to Constitution Day (today, September 17th), Holly Springs Town Council decided to vote that open carry in certain places would become a class 3 misdemeanor! So, while trying to exercise in those biker shorts, be sure that your concealed carry isn’t visible. And it’s unbelievable that this comes less than a month after a man was brutally beaten while cycling on a Wake County greenway just as he had always done.

While we may not have won this battle, it’s not over! We have not yet begun to fight. It was revealed to me several things while watching the Town Council meeting. We have a larger fight ahead of us!

During the meeting one of the council members eluded that this might be a political stunt by another council member, Aaron Wolff. Why? Because there was no data to support this ordinance was a dire need or that there were any issues regarding open carry firearms in Holly Springs (NC is after all an open carry state). In a News & Observer interview, Aaron Wolff said about the concealed-carry ordinance being rejected, “I was disappointed that my colleagues didn’t agree with me.” However, he plans to bring it up again in the future. What was clear is that the people of Holly Springs did not want this!

Bloomberg (and his Everytown USA and Moms Demand Action crews) are spending time and obscene amounts of money in battleground states! I have asked for an FOIA request regarding Moms Demand Action and Everytown USA emails to and from the Town Council members. I will share those as soon as I receive them and I’m sure it will confirm what we already know.  Look y’all! We either stand up for our rights or watch as they slowly chip away at our Constitution. What can you do?

  • Get involved. I can hear the groans now. Do you know you can do something as simple as texting or writing postcards for campaigns? You don’t have to commit to a daily door knocking campaign if you can’t. Also, talk with people in your circle (see why in my fifth point). Always with kindness. You can help revive the fine art of “agreeing to disagree.”

  • Get informed. Make sure you are informed on what ordinances or laws are going on in your area. It’s often as simple as checking out the town council website to see what’s on the agenda.

  • Make donations. Maybe you don’t have a lot of money to spare, it doesn‘t matter. Some nonprofits have raffles at their events. See if you can donate products or services. This is especially good if you have your own business. But, even if you don’t, maybe you’re a great bargain shopper and come across one of those lightning deals for something amazing and you pick up two instead and donate the second item. Check out the site on how you can donate to their event the end of October.

  • Pay attention to local elections. If you’re unsure who to vote for, just don’t vote for that position if you don’t feel comfortable making a decision.

  • Vote. I know a young lady who is 20 years old. This is her first election, and the last time we talked about voting, she said she wasn’t going to. I thought that was just incredible! It really bothered me. She said her reason was that she didn’t have time to research every candidate. Well, I’m glad to say she is now voting! I’m so excited for her.

The Constitution deserves our protection. Afterall, it’s been protecting our inalienable rights for 244 years! How will you get involved?


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