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Y'all Stupid

Updated: Dec 9, 2019

I've been working on another blog article that pertains to this topic, since I have reached out to an #IRegret campaigner for her story, but I have had some emotions arise that have kept me from being able to maintain my composure. I need to vent...

I am about to sound very misogynistic, but at this point... I DON'T GIVE A FUDGE!

Dear Abortion Supporting Feminists,

I could've hung with the Pro CHOICE movement if you had of kept the happenings of what goes on inside your cooter out from in my face.

That simple.

You could've aborted all the babies you wanted, as long as you didn't expect me to pay for it, or expect me to acknowledge it- just because you have regrets and guilt built up for your baby killing.

That's exactly what this movement is, by the way.

Y'all really don't care about the "healthcare" reasons whatsoever. Y'all are pushing this shit in the faces of Pro Lifers, because you all know that killing children is wrong... even when they're just "clumps of cells..." and since you all secretly feel guilty about not being responsible enough for your actions... y'all need some sort of acceptance from society to make it seem RIGHT.

Well, I'm sorry. I do not and will not agree. Science and statistics DO NOT agree with you, either. There are actual groups of women in the world that have had abortions, and they are screaming at you because even they know it's all wrong. #IRegret

What I do find weird, is that y'all push this ideology that its a "healthcare" right, as if it's some sort of protection against things that you cannot take on financially or whatever. Then you all stand behind organizations like Planned Parenthood, THAT MAKE MILLIONS and lobby for politicians to go against the ones y'all don't like.

Hmmm... Ok. Cool. Whatevs...

It's when y'all start bitchin about how we Pro Lifers loving our guns more than our children, then go after "Our Orgs" like the NRA, that has really riled me up for this blog post... so I'm gonna break some shit down for ya.

1. HEALTH CARE is when you put yourself in a position where you're careful with your health. The name is EXACTLY what it is. If you don't want a baby up in ya, ladies, then don't be letting no one put a baby up in ya. It's NOT healthcare when its AFTER THE FACT. Life starts at conception. It's Science! Guess what happens when you abort!

You take a life!

2. SELF DEFENSE IS HEALTH CARE! I don't want anyone putting their hands on me in a forceful and harmful manner, which is detrimental to my health... so I'm going to be carrying a weapon... preferably a firearm.

Self Defense Is Health Care!

3. Don't give me the line, "Well! What about Rape Victims!?!" First and foremost, statistics make you all sound like dumbasses. Secondly, it's been proven that 99.9% of all cases where a woman with a firearm or another form of self protection #HealthCare on her, the rape was avoided completely, and/ or it was not successful at all.

Real Humanity Starts At Conception

With that last one being said, since y'all use "Rape" as a means to keep the Abortion Argument going, what I don't get, is why are y'all so hellbent on allowing the act of rape to happen?

Like, y'all would rather kill a possible little baby... the innocent product from a rape, rather than the person who rapes ya?

I mean... you'd rather for someone, who wants to hurt you and violate you, either live a number of years in prison, or escape... than you'd want for an innocent life to be an example beyond how it started?

I'm so confused by that. Here y'all are screaming, "My Body, My Choice," but when y'all use the Rape Excuse to promote abortion, it's like you're saying you choose to be raped... but then you argue about misogyny and harassment.


Scene from The Notebook. Thank G-D I've never seen this movie, but this scene reminds me of every feminist argument... ever!

As someone who's always been proud of her independence, strength and femininity, I can't support y'all on that at all. You sound completely stupid and lacking in humanity! #SorryNotSorry (Stealing Alyssa Milano's Hashtag cause she crazy, too!)

*I should mention there are certain sexual assault eases that could not have been avoided. It’s time that we start educating ourselves and each other on how to take ProActive measures. If you or a loved one are a victim of rape, sexual assault or domestic violence, GET HELP NOW!*


What's really weird, is that the confusion from y'alls Pro Baby Killing has actually made me feel way more confident about what I'm going to want for dinner later.

TACO TUESDAY: Mama's Hunting Tacos


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