Nov 22, 2020

Groups openly defying gun control ordinance in Virginia (and Moms Demand Action is PISSED)

Updated: Nov 24, 2020

Like the Boog boys and BLM or not, this is something we all should be doing in groups to make a statement in regards to “feel good” gun control..


From Jill, creator and head of Mom-At-Arms (and Virginia native):

And what’s not to like? It’s pissing off statist tyrants like Shannon Watts enough time want the police to go after a local BLM chapter (thought she was against that?)! What a hypocrite.

(Shannon deleted that tweet btw)

What does she want? The government to start engaging civilians w/their own guns because they’re proving her faux utopian dream is bullshit and can only be achieved by use of force? Our new shirt speaks perfectly on the matter.


Update: Jill tweeted this out and it looks like Watts panicked. Check our the time stamps. Not a coincidence lol: