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2nd Amendment sanctuaries and the division of the country

As almost all Democrats (and some RINOs) are working overtime to dismantle a civil right (the 2nd Amendment), it brings back a lesson from history: the American Civil War. No, this isn’t going to be one of those posts, but please read on, I’ll keep it short.

In many states, Democrats have gained complete control of state governments. In many states, as soon as it was official and the new legislature and governors were seated, they IMMEDIATELY started signing new bills and drafting new legislation aimed at attacking/punishing the citizens of their states that:

1. Have semi-automatic rifles and in some cases, pistols

2. Have “unacceptable” magazines (usually ones that hold more than 10 rounds)

and also enacting:

3. Universal background checks (which outlaws the private sale of your property without government involvement. Even without them, it’s still a federal crime to give/sell a gun to someone who you know shouldn’t posses one).

4. Red flag laws

5. Limiting number of firearms you can purchase per month (telling you how to spend your money)

In order to push back against the overreaching of state governments, counties and municipalities are declaring themselves 2nd amendment sanctuaries, which means “screw you, we’re not going to enforce or be part of your overreach.” Sure, it’s just words on paper for now and hasn’t been tested, but the movement is growing. Below is an image that Gun Owners of America sent out via email the other day of declared 2A sanctuaries:

The image has yet to include many of the new declared 2A sanctuaries in Virginia, which has boomed quickly due to a trifecta power grab in the capital. Big money donors are backing/paying for these gun grabbing politicians to be in place to enact their agenda of neutering the citizens of the states and areas they “represent“. We all know the reason why (sure as hell isn‘t safety”, but with all of that said, let’s look at the bigger picture of what’s happening. Compare the above to a map of the Civil War:

The civil war started because the southern states were tired of the northern states telling them what to do (and yes, slavery was part of that. Not defending slavery). There was a deep divide at the time and when it became “enough”, it lead to the death of 620,000 Americans. As the 2A sanctuary movement grows, the first map pictured here will continue to grow.

The point here is that we have general assemblies and governors in power across the states (mostly elected thanks to one or two urban areas of states) that are doing the will of billionaire backers and major special interests groups in order to enact their agenda, which targets the citizens of their states in a negative way. It’s creating more division, which leads to more problems. What’s going to happen if all of these insane laws are enacted and counties/municipalities refuse to enforce them As they’re declaring they’ll do? Is the governor going to send in the state police or national guard to enforce? Are they really ok with declaring a sort of martial law in these areas to round up private property of law abiding citizens who did nothing wrong other than legal purchase certain types of firearms and firearms accessories? Isn’t that tyranny? Will state police and the national guard open fire on local sheriff‘s deputies who stand in their way?

To the Democrats (and Republicans) that keep pushing for these laws under the guidance of the elite, STOP. You’re pushing division in your states and causing problems. No one wants to see what happens when you forcefully attempt to enforce your unconstitutional BS. Americans standing up to tyranny is embedded in our DNA, as it’s why the United States of America is a nation to begin with (and we kind of kick ass if you haven’t heard).


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