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A bill filed in Virginia specifically for Moms Demand Action

Put your money where your mouth is, MDA. Lobby for this bill to be passed (filed today, 1/7/20), and then if it does, register yourself to be on the “do not sell a gun to me” list.

What this will do will make you a prohibited person and not allow you to legally purchase a firearm under penalty of law. You‘re fighting for laws like this, so it’s your duty to take lead on the bills you love. Don’t be tempted to ever purchase a gun, there’s too many of them out there. Once this passes and you sign up to be on the list, keep your fingers crossed that you are never raped and the rapist escapes with your wallet w/ID to make sure you don’t rat them out to the police. If you do, they know where you live and can finish what they started (kill you). Pray that no one breaks into your home in the middle of the night trying to rob you while you and your kids are asleep. Better hope the bad people in your home don’t want to terrorize your family on top of stealing your stuff. Pray that an old boyfriend doesn’t start stalking you because he never got over his high school crush. Pray that the police arrive in time to stop a heinous crime you may be a potential victim in. We DEMAND that you all take ACTION and lobby for this bill and get on that list if it passes. Your activism got bills like this to surface, so own it.

The thoughts and prayers that you mock so much are sent after a tragedy as a means of comfort and unity. Try stopping someone with thoughts and prayers in an emergency, though. Won’t do a damn thing. The police? Ha! 5-10 minutes is a long time when your safety/life is on the line. A gun could help save you, a law abiding member of Bloomberg’s organization, but you’re against those (don’t lie to yourselves). You would rather be a victim in the real world because you believe in a fantasy where no one that shouldn’t have a gun doesn’t. The real world isn’t forgiving and has evil (and no, we are NOT the evil). The real world doesn’t give a crap about your emotions and fantasies. The real world is scary to you. Your fears and irrational thinking will put people at risk, so take the risk yourselves and make this bill law and voluntarily get on that list. At least you won’t be like this gun control activist (or this one as well), you’ll be saving lives, which is your goal, right? As for us on the other end, leave us alone and stop endorsing “feel good” laws that affect the safety of our lives and families.

1/8/20 (tomorrow) is you lobby day in Richmond. We expect you to meet with Senator Surovell, pose for pics with him, and tweet out “we love SB 436 and it will save lives! We will be the first to sign up to be on the list!”

The reality, not fantasy, of what this organization’s members lobby for and support:


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