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A Saturday morning coffee chat with gun grabbers (in their den)

Updated: Feb 8, 2021

So today, Jill McDaniel (head of Mom-At-Arms) got in on a communist party (outside opinions not welcome)....I mean “gun safety” zoom call with our favorite gun grabbers and gun grabbing groups.

Jill got approached in the chat, so she introduced herself:

Apparently, Moms Demand Action didn’t like that, nor did they like Jill linking her groups:

These people are miserable lol. And here she is (not a doxing attempt, just to show the warped views on guns, more on that below) :

And the irony in this is they want gun control laws, which are enforced by the barrel of a gun. They won’t shed a tear if guns owners are shot dead because they refuse to register or surrender their rifles and magazines.

And good lord lol. Thanks for the easiest meme material ever:

Oh, and their little party got crashed (in a respectful manner mind you).

Update: appears she doesn’t stand by her statement regarding a tool of “white supremacy“. After BLM757 retweeted our tweet, she locked down her account and changed profile pic. Why? Did she not care to defend her incorrect statement?

Please, when making a blanket statement, consider that you might be wrong. Stop listening to the MSM propaganda in regards to pro-gun people and groups. If violence prevention is a true concern for gun control advocates, perhaps they should stop closing off outside opinions and listen to actual firearm experts on real world solutions, as you can take a gun away from a bad person, but the mindset of those who would use firearms for violence doesn’t change, as a new tool would be selected.


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