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Another horrible police shooting with Moms Demand Action allied police chief in San Antonio at helm

This is hard to watch. An officer approaches a car, in which a young man is eating a hamburger. The officer opens the door to a shocked teenage male. Video here. Graphic and disturbing, especially if you're a parent:

A San Antonio police officer who shot and wounded a teenager Sunday in a McDonald's parking lot has been fired after newly released body-cam footage appeared to contradict the cop's initial report, MySA reports.
SAPD rookie James Brennand initially said he fired his weapon after the teen struck him with his vehicle, according to police reports obtained by MySA. However, body-cam footage posted by the department appears the teen, who's recovering in hospital, never struck the officer.

Originally before the bodyc footage was released:

KENS 5 previously reported that authorities said that when they arrived at the location, an officer recognized the man, saying he had fled from him on Saturday night.

Let's get to the police chief though, chief William McManus. From above linked article:

KENS 5 asked McManus whether the incident will prompt a closer look at training new officers.
"Our training is sound. There's nothing that we need to change that would fix what happened. That was an individual officer's actions, his own discretion," McManus said.  "And again, there's nothing that I can say that could justify what happened."

Yes, the individual officer's (a rookie, no fired) actions are a major factor, but that doesn't excuse leadership's position on "our training is sound". The cop was hired recently and was trigger happy. The chief is also a devout ally of Moms Demand Action, and has been for many years.

This is another high-profile police shooting in which a police chief has a close working relationship with the anti-gun advocacy group. The Breonna Taylor shooting in Louisville, KY was also done by officers under the command of a MDA ally, chief Conrad. Stories below:

These police chiefs and their alliance with a civilian disarmament group is not only alarming, but potentially dangerous for gun owners. If their "highly trained officers" are so trigger happy that they're unloading on kids eating a burger or a woman in her apartment while executing a warrant, just what tactics will these chiefs allow their officers to use when confronting people that they know are armed with weapons and accessories that are no legal, but Moms Demand Action advocates for criminalizing the possession of?


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