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Anti-gun activist/journalist attempts to shoot Louisville Mayoral candidate

First, the story of what happened with a journalist/activist-turned political candidate who agreed with (and marched with) the messages of Moms Demand Action and March For Our Lives (his own words, you’ll see below):

Quintez Brown is a Louisville man accused of shooting at mayoral candidate Craig Greenberg. Brown is a writer, activist and University of Louisville student who is also running for office. Brown was arrested at the scene of the shooting at Greenberg’s campaign office in the Kentucky city, police said. No one was injured in what has been called an assassination attempt on Greenberg, a Democratic candidate for Louisville mayoral seat.
Brown, 21, was charged with attempted murder and four counts of wanton endangerment, the Louisville Metro Police Department said. Brown was booked into the Louisville Metropolitan Department of Corrections about 8:30 p.m., records show. WDRB reporter Travis Ragsdale tweeted, “According to court records, Brown was stopped by police a half mile away from Greenberg’s office. He had a loaded 9mm magazine in his pocket and he was carrying a bag containing a Glock and additional magazines.”

One of his Op-eds for the outlet he wrote for (Courier Journal, part of the USA Today network, who has also partnered with Mike Bloomberg’s the Trace to put out articles in support of gun control):

Your life has no meaning to the irresponsible politicians in Frankfort who time and time again choose the National Rifle Association over your life.
Their support for Senate Bill 150, which allows Kentuckians to carry concealed weapons without a permit, is yet another warning: They've put a price tag on your life and decided that the blood money they receive from the NRA is more valuable.
Every time lawmakers vote against gun safety, and thus the lives of our most vulnerable, they show that their hearts can be as cold as the steel of the guns they praise.
When the data showed that 91% of Kentuckians and 90% of gun owners in the state favored the old permitting system for carrying concealed weapons, it didn't matter.
When I traveled to Washington, D.C., to make sure slain African American youth like Dequante Hobbs Jr., Savannah Walker and Jordan Edwards were included in the conversation, it didn't matter.

It didn't matter because these lawmakers don't care about facts, stats, safety, empathy — none of that.

As a matter of fact, he even marched with March For Our Lives in Washington DC.

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) – They traveled to Washington, D.C., to cover the March for Our Lives rally on Saturday, but students in duPont Manual High School’s journalism program couldn’t help but lend their voices to the more than 200,000 who protested against gun violence in schools.
They interviewed school shooting survivors, activists and protestors during their four-day stay, and some appeared on MSNBC, Fox News, the BBC and other outlets to share their perspectives on what can be done to make schools safer.
For Manual students who made the 600-mile trip, seeing Pennsylvania Avenue filled with students advocating for change is an experience they won’t forget.

Others found themselves in front of cameras rather than behind them. An MSNBC crew was embedded with one group of Manual students as they rode to Washington, D.C., while some were interviewed by various outlets.
Manual senior Quintez Brown was interviewed alongside fellow senior Nyah Mattison by MSNBC host Joy-Ann Reid, telling her that he would like to see some form of gun control in light of the recent school shootings.

Through that, he said he learned how important the media can be in giving people a voice on issues.

“A lot of times people go voiceless because the media can overlook them, but when you get that platform and you have an opportunity to use that platform, you can use that in such impactful and powerful wants,” Quintez said.

Once again, gun control supporters project their thoughts and irrational behavior upon others. And sorry, pal. It was one of yours.....

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Larry Spencer
Larry Spencer
Feb 15, 2022

Quintez joins a large club of (professedly) anti-gun spokespeople caught using violence (often "gun violence") to "solve" their petty political and personal issues.

Here are some of the other esteemed members of that club:

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