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Anti-gun lefty mad about Rittenhouse verdict/threatens to shoot up school over it.

Keeping this quick. Saw this post from Moms Demand Action:

Moms Demand seems to be implying it was to honor him. However, it’s because he’s a mentally ill leftist that was threatening a revenge shooting:

Lovelace, who was later arrested at his Festus home, has been charged with making a terrorist threat, according to Jefferson County prosecutors.
“I’m going to shoot Festus High School students in the name of Kyle Rittenhouse,” Lovelace’s post read, KMOV reported.
Another post by Lovelace warned that “no wonder schools get shot, the news just proved we can get away with it especially if it’s a [expletive] like Festus,” charging documents read.

Festus is in Jefferson County, and if he thinks it’s a [expletive] and he’s complaining about guns/Rittenhouse, it’s because it’s a Republican stronghold. 2020 election results:

Keep up the great work, emotionally unstable leftists. You’re really making the point for everyday carry and self defense for us lol.


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