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Anti-gun misogynists schooled by pro-gun women

It started off by an anti-gun man getting triggered off of a post by One Million Moms Against Gun Control:

One commenter was “triggered” by men posting on the thread and had this to say. 1MMAGC responded:

1MMAGC brought further attention to it in a post that went viral in a short period of time:

Some of Rick’s “friends“ even came to his rescue and had this to say:

When 1MMAGC suggested he’s against guns, this was the response:

Oh? So it’s better women don’t carry guns because men could disarm them? Better women just take getting raped or murdered instead? Dumb move lol.

As for the pinned post:

Anti-gunners are often clueless of real world situations and focus on “what ifs” and media/political manipulation to form their opinions. Women who take their safety seriously have had enough and don’t need some anti-gun guys mocking them or saying they‘re more of a danger to themselves with a gun than if they didn’t have one. We’ll take cate of ourselves in an emergency, that’s why we carry. We don’t want to risk being a victim.


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