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Anti-gun Twitter activists show their inner racism regarding blacks and guns.

So this guy is a Democrat Twitter influencer and he’s attacking Sebastian Gorka over his gun and attire:

Black Guns Matter is an organization started by Maj Toure. It’s mission is to educate urban communities about their rights and also firearms/firearm safety. I guess to Ron and his supporters (NPC Democrats), that‘s bad. Gorka, a Republican, supports that cause. Dems, which many being faux activists for minorities, seem to want to use blacks as scapegoats to get Republicans on board with gun control (use black people as a political tool to get what they want legislatively). Not seeing how their minds work on this one, considering it’s a Republican promoting BGM and they’re the ones trying to expand gun rights to all. Oh, some examples of the comments these goofballs are leaving on Ron’s tweet:

These people are so detached from reality regarding gun rights and the 2A community that it’s humorous.

You can support Black Guns Matter and the work they do here:


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