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Austria proposes hiring their own “vaccine SS (“Safety Squad”) to hunt down the unvaxed

Fresh out of Austria, which seems to be paying respects to the guy who is Austrian that ruled Germany from 1933-1945.......


From February Austria wants to get serious: Anyone over 14 years old has to be vaccinated against Corona. The Austrian government announced this last week.

This can create new jobs, as the example of Linz shows. The city has a good 200,000 inhabitants and is the capital of the federal state of Upper Austria and has the lowest vaccination rate in the entire state. According to data from the e-vaccination card, only 63 percent of residents have been vaccinated twice.
Linz now wants to hire people who are supposed to hunt down vaccine refusers, as reported "today". They should check whether those who do not get vaccinated really pay for it. Because whoever does not get vaccinated will be asked to pay. Up to 3600 euros, the equivalent of a good 3740 francs.

The vaccination inspectors receive a wage of at least 2774 euros, the equivalent of around 2880 francs. The salary is paid 14 times a year.

Anyone who supports this or goes along with it is paying tribute to those pesky national socialists from the early-mid 20th century. So, if that’s you, congrats! You’ve obviously learned nothing through studying history and are no better than the people who either did nothing or accepted previous atrocities just so they can continue to live a cozy life and look the other way while their neighbors and family were targeted. Joke’s on you, though, as it will come to you eventually, so buckle up!


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