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Biden’s ATF nominee involved in “malicious prosecution” against political opposition

Updated: Apr 20, 2022

Let’s be honest. Steve Dettelbach is MUCH “cleaner” than David Chipman. So far, we helped shine a light on his political donations (below) in which he gave heavily to Biden and other dems in 2020, but finding more “controversial“ stuff is a little more tricky it seems. He’s not as blatant about his hatred to gun owners as Chipman was. Anyways, here’s our previous article about Dettelbach‘s donations for the 2020 campaign:

Now, we came across something that raises questions about his partisanship while he was a federal prosecutor. In fact, he was accused by the Justice Association of malicious prosecution against Republican donors. More on that below. It’s long, but we’ll highlight the stuff pertaining to Dettelbach. There‘s more out there on this btw. But just imagine this guy running the ATF and using that position to politically target the companies and businesses he’s tasked with regulating.....

This document serves to explain and describe the unjust, unethical and criminal behavior of certain federal employees in their effort to investigate and wrongfully prosecute Benjamin Suarez and Suarez Corporation Industries (SCI). The Obama administration, Obama Justice Department officials and other federal employees from 2010 and on diverse dates thereafter engaged in an unlawful concerted effort to bring false charges and against Benjamin Suarez and SCI; for the simple reason that Suarez lawfully exercised his First Amendment right to speak. Since 2008 Suarez organized the funding of Republican congressional candidates; spoke out against Democratic congressional candidates; spoke out and disagreed with the Democratic Party, and actively criticized the Obama administration and its policies. For this, Suarez and many other innocent parties suffered at the hands of a corrupt and vindictive federal prosecution brought by the Obama Justice Department. Suarez, SCI and the other victims of this conspiracy will seek redress and justice against the many parties who participated in this travesty of justice. The history of this sad tale of a government run amok is set forth below.


  1. At all times relevant hereto Benjamin Suarez has been active in conservative politics, as a significant contributor to Republican political candidates and as the organizer of two conservative organizations, Empowered Citizens News Network (ECNN) and the U.S. Citizens Association (USCA).

  2. Both the Empowered Citizens News Network and USCA, prior to the events complained of herein, engaged in constitutionally protected exercise of freedom of speech which was highly critical of the policies of President Barack Obama and of various Democratic Party candidates.

  3. The U.S. Citizens Association placed advertisements criticizing President Obama, George Soros (a major contributor to Democratic Party campaigns and Democratic Party linked think tanks), Democratic Senator Harry Reid, Democratic Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi, Congressman John Boccieri, and Congressman Barney Frank, among others.

  4. The advertisements criticized the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act and described the policies of the Obama administration as socialist.

  5. USCA advertisements also expressed disagreement with “carbon cap and trade” (“The Climate Bill”) and tax budget policies of the Obama administration.

  6. The USCA also brought a lawsuit in the United States District Court for the District of Northern Ohio in opposition to the Obama administration for the purpose of declaring the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act unconstitutional.

  7. The Empowered Citizens News Network similarly utilized mass media to oppose the administration of Barack Obama.

  8. In 2009, the US Citizens Association ran a newspaper advertising campaign to support Republican congressional challenger Jim Renacci which is credited for helping defeat the Democratic incumbent who was also a friend of U.S. Senator Sherrod Brown, who was in turn a friend of than United States Attorney for the District of Northern Ohio Steven Dettelbach.

  9. This single event helped trigger the malicious prosecution and criminal civil rights violation against Benjamin D. Suarez. Another triggering event occurred when 15 of Suarez Corporation Industries (SCI) executives and five of their spouses made campaign donations to Sherrod Brown’s Republican political opponent, Joshua Mandel and to Jim Renacci who had by then been elected to congress.

  10. Using the fact that the donors received bonuses from SCI as a pretext for alleging violations of federal elections laws, the United States Attorney Steven Dettelbach by and through his Assistant United States Attorney Carole Rendon launched a massive investigation of Benjamin D. Suarez and SCI which resulted in an unsuccessful election law prosecution which tarnished the reputation of SCI and its founder Suarez, caused massive economic loss to SCI, the loss of jobs, and the wrongful imprisonment of Suarez on a relatively minor obstruction charge. This was done entirely as a Democratic political vendetta against Suarez and SCI.

  11. Both Rendon and Dettelbach knew that the charges against the Complainant were baseless. They knew the donors were affluent persons who did not need or require reimbursement for their donations and that SCI’s bookkeeping supported their defense that they were entitled to profit sharing distributions.

  12. The ECN (a) urged African American voters to reject the Democratic Party,(b) criticized the mortgage lending programs promoted by Democratic politicians, and (c) criticized the “stimulus” program of the administration and the expensive lifestyles of the Obama family, among other things.

  13. Dettelbach and Rendon knew they were engaged in a politically motivated reprisal and revenge for the Suarez’s exercise of his constitutionally protected rights to criticize public officials and to support other political candidates and causes. They engineered false criminal charges against Suarez and Suarez Corporation Industries for alleged violation of federal election laws in federal court in Cleveland, Ohio; and conducted a baseless IRS audit of the company and its leading witness.

  14. On or about October 2010 the Barack Obama administration encouraged representatives of the National Treasury Employees Union (mainly IRS employees), to utilize the IRS to: (a) Audit supporters of ECN and USCA; and (b) To promote politically motivated prosecutions of conservative activists, including Mr. Suarez.