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Big loss for Moms Demand Action and other gun grabbers in Kendall Co, IL

From WSPY News:

The Kendall County Board on Tuesday voted unanimously to approve a resolution supporting the Second Amendment.
The resolution says that the Kendall County Board is opposed to any legislation by the State of Illinois that would ban the possession and use of firearms that would infringe on citizen's Second Amendment right to bear arms.
There was a large crowd of supporters of the resolution at Tuesday's meeting, along with a few people who seemed to support gun control.

Regarding the folks that were there opposed to the measure, we have their emails from previous investigations. They’re the worst of the worst. In fact, they wanted non-supporters of their agenda arrested/removed from public meetings in public places if they showed up (and the NRA never sent out notices to go to Moms Demand meetings in this area). Here’s a conversation between the Kane/Kendall County Moms Demand spokeswoman and an allied mayor in the area:

Eat dirt, Moms Demand and gun grabbers. You’re neoliberal garbage is growing old and out of favor. Oh, and sorry MDA, we know how much you hate FOIA requests lol.

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