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“Moms Demand Redactions”: MDA activists don’t want their info showing up in FOIA requests

These women are insane LOL. First, they bitch and moan at us for using FOIA to expose them. Then, the same people use LE as a means to harass their political opponents and try and get them in trouble just for an advertisement. Then, since they don’t want their shit made public if they use certain means to communicate with elected officials on government provided email addresses, they want the comms redacted. These women “demand” an awful lot. Because we’re not monsters and don’t condone harassment, personal email redacted (by us).

What she sent to the MAA head, Jill, after publishing FOIA docs back in December of 2019:

Screenshot from conversation and our initial response from back then as it sits now:

She didn’t like our previous expose with her (linked above), but she’s MDA all the way (we are nice and will even hide her face)

Screens (other than FOIA above) were pulled from our article linked in the first paragraph. She obviously is still up to her old tricks. Good on Minuteman Arms for investigating. And they sent us this (they knew they were targeted for BS and wanted to see why).

Moms Demand Action activists need to stop using emotions as a means to harass their opponents. There was no credible threat and it’s clear they’re just afraid of their own damn shadows. Fear not though, Kristen’s minions are “going to remember“ their political opponents.

Say.......I wonder if Warner of Minuteman Arms is one of them or suspected in honking his horn? That would indicate that the report Kristen filed was political retaliation and not an actual threat, thus a false report and illegal.

To you Gun Rights activists in Virginia, and all over, you should THANK MOM-AT-ARMS for this gift. If it weren't for Mom-At-Arms creator, East Coast Lead for 1MMAGC and the VA STATE DIRECTOR for The DC Project, Jill S. McDaniel... we wouldn't have this little gift from Moms Demand Action's, Kristen K. Swanson. Takes a lot from a Gun Rights activist with no financial backing to buck up to attempted intimidation tactics from Gun Control harpies like Swanson.

Jill is the reason why Moms Demand Action's lead volunteer, Kristen K. Swanson had to put her disclaimer warning for FOIA purposes on her emails in the first place. Once again, Jill exposes MDA for who they truly are. Big mouthed COWARDS, who wear red shirts, bake cookies, and wants everyone else living in a victimhood mindset like they do, so that's why they're out to take your guns.


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