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Loudoun County board meeting tonight (12/11): how about another FOIA drop?.......

Updated: Dec 17, 2019


12/17- edits added in and marked further down


Tonight at the Loudoun County board meeting, residents of the county (and from outside) spoke about their concerns regarding shooting ordinances (new zone laws in regards to shooting on property). Video of entire meetings here, it looks like we need to wait till it’s archived to re-view it. One member expressed thanks to Moms Demand Action for showing up and speaking. She also stated that she believes that others in the opposition don’t “understand“ the 2nd amendment (will update with exact quote when it‘s posted). So, more on that board member: Kristen Umstattd. From her website:

Kristen is a native of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. She graduated magna cum laude and Phi Beta Kappa from Yale University with a B.A. in Russian and East European Studies. She holds a J.D. from Yale Law School and a Certificate in Chinese Studies from Cheng-chi University in Taiwan. Kristen moved to Virginia in 1981, while on active duty as a Lieutenant in the U.S. Naval Reserve.  After her honorable discharge from active duty, she continued with the U.S. Naval Reserve, translating Soviet naval documents from Russian into English for the U.S. intelligence community. She then joined the Central Intelligence Agency as a Soviet Naval analyst. She and her husband, Charles K. Moss, moved to Leesburg in 1987 and have been practicing law together ever since.  Their daughter, Kendrick, a graduate of the Loudoun County Public Schools, is a student majoring in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science at Yale University. 

Supporting civilian disarmament (which her pals at Moms Demand Action support by supporting bills like SB16). She’s been around the commies too long, wouldn’t you agree? Well, Kristen not only supports and thanks them (MDA), she joins them. Take a look:

Yep! Appears Kristen went to protest with MDA at SCOTUS. This isn‘t a mass sent email, only specific people to local chapter of MDA, as the sender (also a Kristen) is from this address:


(EDITED 12/17: We received this from the individual who sent the Email to the board member)

Fine, fair enough (it was the email address associated with the FOIA and what it went to, along with screen shots). Next time don’t use your personal company’s email, which you use to send out alerts to the County MDA email list, to conduct Moms Demand Action business. And stop playing victim. You just proved it’s a partisan organization and you’re a partisan hack. Thanks for bringing attention to this “dead” article:

Since we do respect your request , your face have been edited as you mail Moms Demand Action postcards for the upcoming election (telling people to vote for “gun sense” members of the Democratic Party, right?)

Yes. Here’s who you must vote for (Democrats). Very non-partisan (being a MDA lead and all), wouldn’t you say?

Oh, and check this out. Nice little “progressive” newsletter.

It’s almost eerie that Kristin began to organize Lovettsville for the mid-term elections, projecting an election year for women, before the similarities involving another judicial nominee became so obvious, and so divisive.
Five women Senators were elected in 1992 including both Senators from California, and one of those women became the Ranking Member of the Judiciary Committee, Dianne Feinstein.
Before the contentious confirmation fight over Mr. Trump’s nominee for the Supreme Court, Judge Brett Kavanaugh, there were 256 women on track to be qualified for the November ballot in House or Senate races — 197 Democrats and 59 Republican candidates.
There are 234 women running for the House and 22 for the Senate.
Based on these stats, this is plainly another “year of the woman.”
Indeed, there are two women running for Congress in Virginia’s 10th Congressional District encompassing Lovettsville.
Kristin and a phalanx of Lovettsville women mostly, and some men, are putting all their organizing energy into electing State Senator Jennifer Wexton, and ousting incumbent Rep. Barbara Comstock, by organizing the Town and the surrounding area like has not been seen in political memory.
On a recent Sunday, Kristin filled her kitchen and living room with door-knocking, post card writing volunteers, and there is no comparable political operation past or present but hers in Lovettsville.

Further, she’s using her main FB page for political purposes AND the info she wished to be kept “personal”, therefor the two are connected and public. No personal/private information was shared on our end. In fact, we edited out phone numbers and addresses BECAUSE it is not meant to be a personal attack or threat of any kind on Kristen (not have we ever had any ill intent). She’s proud of her work and advocacy, which is fine. If her public FB page changes to reflect she’s keeping her business separated from her politics, we will remove it:

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So, Mrs. Umstaddt goes to rallies with them at the Supreme Court. She will Never side with the constitution when it comes to the 2nd amendment. She‘s just another Bloomberg goon (and possible communist too lol).


**Message from Mom At Arms founder:

At NO POINT, in any of the articles on, have myself, nor my contributors wished or provoked any harm on anyone within the Gun Control Lobby. We have merely used this platform to expose their hypocrisy and lies through information that we have gathered from PUBLIC AVENUES ALREADY IN USE.


Jill Slayton McDaniel

Mom-At-Arms Creator/ Founder


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