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The Future of Mom-At-Arms

Within the last six months or so, I've been doing lots of reflecting and new- goal setting.

Since 2018, when Mom-At-Arms officially became a thing for the public, I never expected for it to have become what it has. I'm just a mom who had an idea or two... maybe several... and went with them. I've, for what most of the 2A Community humorously agrees on, played a major part in helping Shannon Watts out with her decision to retire from the gun debate. I've utilized my platforms and connections to encourage others to speak up about their stance on the 2A. I've also worked to unite opposing forces within the muddy waters, for the sake of the 2A. I've had, and still have, so many dreams for MAA and for those dreams to come to fruition, I've got to get back to my roots.

Mom-At-Arms, if I do say so myself, has become a bit of a staple in the firearms community. It is recognized as a national resource in the 2A community & Gun Debate. I am VERY proud of that. I'm very proud of my "team" behind the scenes that have contributed and helped get Mom-At-Arms to that status. I mean... our research has been used in SCOTUS decisions and heard on legislative floors! Granted, those who've used our research neglected in giving us a shoutout or two... I can still go to sleep at night KNOWING that my team and I played a major role in these wins.

One of my goals, though, has always been that it become a household name... not just a House Floor name.

So... Aside from the smack talking gun grabbers that my team and I have somehow perfected over the last handful of years and we tend to find enjoyment in, Mom-At-Arms will be undergoing some much needed advancements, but for the sake of the brand, and NOT for anyone or anything else in the 2A arena.

I, Jill S. McDaniel, Owner/ Founder, HBIC, CEO, editor, publisher, main (only) funder, hair/ makeup, creator, marketer, chef, advertiser, banker, lawyer, janitor AND RESEARCHER for Mom-At-Arms will be making some changes in the next few months regarding the future of the MAA brand. I will be setting new goals to accomplish, but will not be looking to hop on anyone else's bandwagon. I will be re-establishing Mom-At-Arms into the advocacy and business that I aimed for it to be in the beginning, but with some new twists. I pray you all join me on this journey.

We are at a huge impasse in the 2A world, mostly due to politics, that any news story published whether here or elsewhere, falls on deaf ears. Legislators, both Right & Left, have made a mockery of our Constitution, and are more concerned over petty nonsense, that I do not see a calm "win" in the near future. Though I HIGHLY encourage all to continue to voice your stances through activism; call, text, email, visit your lawmakers, I do not see it being easy for us as a united front due to the animosities that run deep. Despite Bruen or any other decision from SCOTUS... or any court for that matter... I've seen more folks fold themselves into complacency, thinking everything is safe. It takes a LOT to frighten me, and sadly, this kind of complacency frightens me more than anything of this world.

The fight isn't in the journey that you win. THE FIGHT IS REMAINING IN CONTROL OF THAT WIN!

I've been known to think outside of the box, or even "think like my enemy" in order to get ahead of them. That's what I'll be doing now with this re-invention of Mom-At-Arms.

Thank you all who stay engaged. More information will come as things start to get organized.

God Bless You All!

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Mark Schmolke
Mark Schmolke
Aug 21, 2023

Dear Jill McDaniel,

Thank you for your service. Illinois is run by a super majority of gun grabbers. The Illinois king gun grabber proclaimed that it's the law abiding gun owners fault. Paid off 2 Illinois Supreme Court Justices to proclaim the AWB Constitutional as a lead defendant! Every October new firearms will be added to the banned list. I literally belong to every pro 2A national organization there is. I send letters, call our representatives, send action emails from our pro 2A organizations. Knowing all of it won't be heard and I'll probably be on some secret list for some purpose in the future. George Washington on several occasions had to retreat and regroup to fight the oppression from…

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