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Anti-gunners now reporting gun store “ads” as “voter intimidation” to Law Enforcement

Updated: Oct 15, 2020

Update 10/13/20: FOIA findings and new info here in this link. Mom-At-Arms has had run ins with the tipster who helped start this mess.

You can’t make this stuff up.

A Facebook post some say encourages violence on Election Day did not rise "to the level of a threat or intimidation" in the eyes of Loudoun County Sheriff's officers.
In Northern Virginia, the Loudoun County Sheriff’s Office was asked to investigate a claim of potential voter intimidation at the polls.
The person who made the complaint believes this is an example of voter intimidation.
The complainant told FOX 5 they are concerned with armed people showing up to the polls and pointed toward the gun shop owner, who they claim, has encouraged attendance at past events where protesters have shown up armed.
These past events were also events held in support of 2nd Amendment rights.
FOX 5 also spoke with the gun shop owner, Warner Workman, who owns Minuteman Arms in Lovettsville, VA. He called the concern comical. Workman tells FOX 5 he referenced the election in the ads because of the Democratic candidates and their stance on guns if a Biden-Harris ticket wins.
“They heavily advocate for this – basically the banning, the import and the manufacturing of AR-style platforms. They’re just simply semi-automatic rifles…” said Workman in part of a Zoom interview on Sunday.
Workman went on to say “I’m just a Second Amendment retailer encouraging all law-abiding citizens to exercise their Second Amendment rights. People are going to read into what they want.”
Warner also confirmed he was recently contacted by authorities about the Facebook ads.
The Loudoun County Sheriff’s office says it’s been working closely with federal, local and state partners “to monitor any credible threats regarding polling locations.”  

This is just insane. It’s an advertisement and had NOTHING to do with voter intimidation. It has EVERYTHING to do with a certain group of politicians want to ban these firearms, so buy one before the sale of them stops (if they get elected). Leave it to the leftists and Democrats like the poll worker to get all “triggered” and use law enforcement as a means to target their opposition because their feelings were hurt (like what happened recently to Fenix Ammo in Michigan).

Mom-At-Arms has filed a FOIA request with the county in order to see what was said/reported behind the scenes in regards to this incident:

Be it known that the BOS chair of the county is a Moms Demand Action stooge that isn‘t afraid to make it known (as she did in December):

She’s also not afraid to give her staff the green light in order to speak for her in regards to her disdain for gun owners.

More Loudoun County anti-gunner stuff and FOIA’s here:

and here:


Minuteman Arms isn’t afraid and even took a jab at Shannon (low) Watts lol. Be like Minuteman Arms:

Or... be like Mom-At- Arms and not be afraid to go toe to toe, every day, with Gun Grabbers like Watts.


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