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Loudoun County, Virginia FOIA: Remember Moms Demand Action’s cheerleader?

Updated: Dec 12, 2019

(UPDATE AT BOTTOM. ACTUAL EMAILS PROVIDED. Also, during tonight‘s board meeting, another board member spoke out in praise of Moms Demand Action (thanked them). More about her (and a related FOIA) here.


Last week, Loudoun County board chair Phyllis Randall was defiant in a request to remove her Moms Demand Action pin that she wore during a board meeting. It got Bloomberg’s moms in a frenzy, as seen below:

Link to Shannon’s tweet with video here.

Last week, a FOIA request was filed to see if there were any communicatIons with Chair Randall (and the board) and MDA. While brief, there were. First, a Moms Demand Action member blasting Suzanne Volpe, the board member who made the request to remove the button. Funny, it’s from someone in New Jersey.