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Loudoun County, Virginia FOIA: Remember Moms Demand Action’s cheerleader?

Updated: Dec 12, 2019

(UPDATE AT BOTTOM. ACTUAL EMAILS PROVIDED. Also, during tonight‘s board meeting, another board member spoke out in praise of Moms Demand Action (thanked them). More about her (and a related FOIA) here.


Last week, Loudoun County board chair Phyllis Randall was defiant in a request to remove her Moms Demand Action pin that she wore during a board meeting. It got Bloomberg’s moms in a frenzy, as seen below:

Link to Shannon’s tweet with video here.

Last week, a FOIA request was filed to see if there were any communicatIons with Chair Randall (and the board) and MDA. While brief, there were. First, a Moms Demand Action member blasting Suzanne Volpe, the board member who made the request to remove the button. Funny, it’s from someone in New Jersey.

Second, another outsider, this time from Oregon, praised Chair Randall (gotta love the outside support all the way on the west coast, am I right?).

Now, she’s not edited out because she isn’t just some random MDA member. She’s actually been in the press and a confirmed MDA shill. She was assisting March For Our Lives and encouraging their protests.

Students have found their voices since the Parkland massacre. Adults are taking notice of the newfound platform, too.
“I think those students speak a truth that adults sometimes are unable or unwilling to speak,” Christy Monson, a member of Moms Demand Action, said at the South rally. “Demonstrating is exactly what they should be doing. And I expect we’ll hear a lot more from them in the future. We have a lot to learn from them.”

Also, from here public LinkedIn profile:

I am an Oregon attorney with over 20 years experience representing Oregon's public entities, including cities, counties, special districts, and intergovernmental agencies. I consider myself an advocate for good governance. While I am skilled in all aspects of public entity law, I specialize in employment law; policy and ordinance drafting; government ethics; elections; public records and meetings; telecommunications and right of way management; elected official and public employee trainings; and legislative and intergovernmental relations. Prior to attending law school, I worked as a public relations representative for an Oregon school district.

She’s also a founding partner/Co-owner of a firm that specializes guessed it! Working with governments! Here’s a few. Also from her LinkedIn:

The Local Government Law Group is a boutique law firm dedicated to serving Oregon's governments. As a founding partner, I'm passionate about plain-language legal advice, concise drafting, thoughtful policy development, and intergovernmental cooperation. We represent over 80 Oregon cities, counties, and special districts. These governments rely on us to guide them through a variety of legal issues, including: ordinance, rule, and policy drafting; employment and labor law; ethics, public meetings and public records; public official and staff training; intergovernmental relationships; business and real estate contracts; legislative advocacy; land use; and public contracting issues.

So take note on that, Oregon readers. She’s a Moms Demand Action member that has a law firm that specializes in guiding governments on “legislative advocacy”.

Finally, regarding Chair Randall, we were passed these emails:

So, Chair Randall believes people who don’t agree with Moms Demand Action’s agenda are “Gun extremists” and that their “days of extremism are numbered”?

When a politician has these feelings towards the residents of the county that oppose them and also the citizens of the state wishing to be free and not turned into criminals, it should tell you all you need to know about them. She represents Michael Bloomberg and his organization, not the men and women of Loudoun County or Virginia.


Looks like there’s a county board meeting tonight.....


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