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Birdbrained Shannon Watts jealous of NRA's Eddie Eagle

In case you missed it, Shannon Watts and her commie mommies had a meltdown over advice columnist Amy Dickinson referencing the NRA’s Eddie Eagle safety principles for kids when it comes to gun safety. You can read it here (it’s funny and shows how unstable these people are): Shannon Watts asked, and then received... a major burn.

Now, the above article link goes into more detail as to how Amy triggered such a response from Watts as you see in the pic below:

Turns out, Shannon made a little boo boo that most PR experts (like herself) should know better in doing. Sure, she'll blow it off, ignore it, and even sum it up to "bad press equals good press," but her little blunder just further proved those of us who call her and her flock out as even more right when we call her a dodo. As the article (linked earlier) explains, Shannon made a fool out of herself when she tried to shame Amy Dickinson (AskingAmy) for the use of the NRA's Eddie Eagle program in one of her advice columns. Shannon also neglected to read the column in its entirety. If she had, she would've found that Amy actually "endorsed" Everytown for Gun Safety way before mentioning the NRA's Eddie Eagle program in her advice. If you want a good giggle, seriously go back and read that article of ours linked above. It's a riot!

Now, to add insult to injury for poor Shan Shan, there's a little bit more that she did not take into mind when flapping her wings at those who aren't rolling out the red carpet for her motives.

California: sandy beaches, tanned bods, movie stars, glitz, glam, really expensive real estate, and good ol Shan Shan. That's right! Shannon Watts packed up from Indiana with all of that laundry she folded from back in 2012/ 2013 while watching the Sandy Hook coverage... right before she started her now named organization, Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America, and moved to the biggest Gun Control State in the nation.

Shan Shan really... REALLY loves their gun laws.

But... What does the CA government say about kids and gun safety, though?

Well, the same thing that she’s screeching at Amy for.

Should we count on Watts getting mad at HER state, now? Because... well, they have the same safety advice for kids as the NRA’s Eddie Eagle program? Or, is she really out to replace one of the longest running Gun Safety programs in the world, just to feather her own nest? Can't help but think the latter is true. Actually... we know it is, cause if Shannon Watts, or those within her organization, Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America, were really about Gun Safety and ending gun violence, they wouldn't be so triggered by the NRA's Eddie Eagle program. After all, they use the main principles from the program for their own (BeSmart).

Even one of the nation's leading SCOTUS (gun rights) case winners, Rhonda Ezell (Ezell vs. Chicago) points it out...

Watts also has a lot of nerve to shame... anyone... by trying to point out their hypocrisy, like how she analogized Eddie Eagle and Joe Camel. If she's going to do that, then we will as well.

Taking advice from Shannon Watts (or anyone from Moms Demand Action) about gun safety when you've never seen any evidence of her effectively handling a firearm for educational purposes is like asking an accountant to give you an enema.

That shit just don't add up.

Even better...

Taking advice from Shannon Watts on Gun Safety would be like taking advice on how to live a more healthy lifestyle... from the spokesperson of a company that produced standard lawn chemicals that caused serious forms of cancer.

Oh... wait... #Monsanto

Regardless of which, it's entertaining to see Shan Shan act as crazy as a loon when Eddie Eagle is mentioned, all while she peacocks for Mikey Bloomberg. Funny how things work out.


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Apr 08, 2022
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That’s awesome! I’ll be sure to never recommend you to any of our Canadian readers, as you’re spamming anAmerican gun rights site......

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