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Shannon Watts asked, and then received... a major burn.

In today's SSN (Shan Shan News), we find Shannon Watts shaming advice columnist, Amy Dickinson, better known as, Asking Amy, over her response to a reader needing advice. (Y'all get ready to laugh or roll your eyes... or both!)

An individual who goes by Concerned Parent, reached out to Amy for some parenting advice, because they were concerned about an issue that many of us newer parents tend to face at some point in parenthood: In-Laws being extra with the grandkids.

Before you have a stroke... I don't care who you are. At some point, if you're married (or not) with kids... your in-laws, or even your own parents, are going to overstep the boundaries YOU have set for your children... if not those you set for yourself. (If it's not happened yet... just wait.) I was once one of those new moms who said, "My mother/ mother/ father-in-law would NEVER defy my wishes," too.

Reality is a bitch, sometimes, y'all, but in regard to Amy's reader, they had an honest reason for concern that many of us parents of young children have:

DEAR AMY: Seven months ago, my-in-laws took my not-quite 5-year-old child for an overnight, and broke the one rule that my spouse and I set for our child’s time with them: NOT to ride their ATV. We do not feel it is safe, particularly on public roads. We reminded them of this rule as they were leaving for the outing. Immediately upon their return, our child spontaneously shared that they had ridden the ATV, including on the roads.
My in-laws did not apologize, nor acknowledge wrongdoing. They believe it is safe and within their rights to make that decision.

But then the inquirer took the question and worry even further...

An additional concern I have is that they have unsecured firearms in their home and refuse to get a gun safe to lock their weapons. I believe that two matters show very poor judgment on their part, and that my young child is not safe in their care. I don’t feel that my in-laws are trustworthy, they don’t respect us as the parents, and they have poor judgment in regard to safety. My spouse is more inclined to give them the benefit of the doubt, despite these and other differences.
Your take?
- Concerned Parent

Not going to lie, there, either. This concerned parent has every right to worry. I grew up with firearms. They were everywhere. My dad, not only was he a law enforcement officer, he was a good ol farm boy and an avid hunter. Firearms were a part of our lifestyle. I had a gun in my hands before I could spell my name... which is ONLY four letters. My mother, a "City girl," folks called her Annie Oakley because she happened to be a quicker and better shot than my dad. (Still is)

When I became a parent, I had the SAME anxieties this reader of Amy's is having. I still do.

Whenever my kid is with a relative that I know has things like firearms in the home, I tend to feel nervous about it as well... and I'm a firearms instructor and 2A advocate. I stress constantly when my son is not in my immediate sights, because for one, I know my kid. He's MY child... meaning, he's nosy as hell. Fortunately, since I am a firearms instructor... an actual gun safety advocate... I not only work with my child to understand safety around "could be/ would be" dangerous items, I communicate with those that step up to care for him when I am not around. I got passed reaching out to strangers for parenting advice (no offense Amy) and just bucked up as a parent and told my relatives (grandparents, especially) that when my son is in their care, they are to be even more aware of where his little nose and hands end up. They are to not only know where his attention is going, but also where (not only) their firearms are, but their knives, forks, vehicle keys, medications, electronics, tools, etc... are as well. It's called PROACTIVE PARENTING.

Now, before we get to Amy's response to this inquirer of hers, let's see what Shan Shan and her Commie Mommies are pissed about...

Just the mention of the NRA, Shannon Watts gets triggered. How DARE Amy mention their name!?! The audacity, Amy! Geeze!

As soon as Shan Shan sent out her quoted tweet, the Commie Mommies swooped in as back up... DEMANDING ACTION FROM AMY!

What the hell, AMY!?!

You should've known better!

"SHAMEY" is your new name...

(Hopefully if you read this, Amy... you'll be appreciative of my faux outrage.)

Sadly, this is a massive flop for our BFF, Shan Shan.

In true Shannon Watts nature (the Master PRtist and founder of Moms Demand Action) as her minions came rushing to her side to set Amy on the straight and gun control pushing narrow, Shan used the tweet as an opportunity to promote outlets that she/ Moms Demand Action and Everytown contribute to, as well as their own little "Gun Safety" program... #BeSmart... which they ripped off from the NRA & NSSF's own and already well established Gun Safety Programs, just to mask their gun control activism. (Seriously... Shannon Watts/ Michael Bloomberg built BeSmart from the already functioning gun safety programs that were originated by the very organizations they claim to be "taking down.")

Shannon shames Amy for "endorsing the NRA," while using a Joe Camel and cigarettes comparison... to which Amy EPICALLY responds...

(In regards to the notice above Amy's response: The tweet that Amy is responding to is the one above where Shan quotes AskingAmy's column used by another tweeter. The account we nabbed the pic from is blocked by Shannon so that's the notice we get. Just more proof we jump through hoops for y'all... keep reading...)

Amy's based response must not of set well with Shannon's Commie Mommies and Fascist Fans, cause they pounced on poor Amy, but she held her own very well... (It gets better, y'all! Keep reading!)

Click pic for full convo...

Y'all... PLEASE NOTE... "VirginiaMom" is supposedly a school teacher. Kindergarten Teacher, but still a SCHOOL TEACHER. Keep that in mind...

And here is Amy's full response to her reader... not just bits and pieces that Shan Shan & Gun Control orgs like to use to push their agenda... which also proves how ABSOLUTELY STUPID & EMOTIONALLY PROVOKED Shannon Watts and her Moms Demand Action harpies are...

DEAR CONCERNED: My take is that these grandparents should not have your child on their property without you or your spouse being physically present.
The Consumer Product Safety Commission’s 2018 annual ATV report on deaths and injuries (the most recent statistics) finds “there were 81,800 ATV-related emergency department-treated injuries reported in 2018. More than a quarter of those injuries were sustained by children under 16 years old, the highest of any age group.”
The report goes on to say: “Even if a locality allows people to drive off-road vehicles on paved public roads, ATVs are not designed for that purpose. ATVs can be unwieldy on paved surfaces, and the risk of collision with a car, truck, or other vehicle is significantly higher, increasing a rider’s chances of injury or death.”
Each year in the U.S., nearly 350 children under 17 gain access to a gun and unintentionally kill or injure themselves or someone else, according to Nearly 77 percent of the incidents happen inside the home.
Not only do your in-laws exhibit extremely poor judgment regarding the safety of your child (or any child), but they obviously don’t respect your very reasonable requirements.
Their behavior also puts your young child in the terrible position of doing things they are not supposed to do, and then risking rebuke by the grandparents when the child tells you about it.
Please, educate your child about gun safety!
The NRA’s guidelines for young children are simple:
“Stop! Don’t touch. Run away. Tell an adult.” (
I live in a rural area where many people own both ATVs and guns. But NO responsible person who cares about children will risk a child’s safety.
And no wise grandparent who wants to spend time with a grandchild will openly defy that child’s parents.

Notice anything... ^^^^^^

Amy QUOTES AND LINKS EVERYTOWN (Shannon's sugar daddy org) way before she even mentions the NRA, which proves that Watts and her little pals never read the whole AskingAmy article, which we did... and you can, by going HERE.

We are not here to endorse Amy or her column. We don't know her actual thoughts on gun rights or gun control, but we have to give credit where it's due, and she knocked this out of the park. From counter propagandists' perspectives, Amy just helped trigger Shannon Watts and her Moms Demand Action groupies enough for them to expose themselves as the opportunists they are. They didn't care to read the entire AskingAmy column to see that Amy actually did her homework and gave her concerned reader sound advice... and completely unbiased advice, too. Instead, Shannon reacted on impulse because all she saw was the mention of the NRA and instead of RESEARCHING the source, herself, she shamed Amy.

This is who Shannon Watts and her Moms Demand Action harpies REALLY are. Impulsive, overly emotional, territorial bullies and ignorant FAKES.

But we already knew that...

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