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BLM slams MSM and Richmond mayor for lying about “white supremacists” causing the riots

From NBC affiliate WSLS:

RICHMOND, Va. – Riots in downtown Richmond over the weekend were instigated by white supremacists under the guise of Black Lives Matter, according to law enforcement officials.
Protesters tore down police tape and pushed forward toward Richmond police headquarters, where they set a city dump truck on fire.
Police declared the event an “unlawful assembly” and ordered people to leave, later deploying tear gas.
Six people were arrested. The mayor of Richmond thanked the Black Lives Matter protesters he said tried to stop the white supremacists from spearheading the violence.
“Their mission is simple, not the Richmond we know,” said Mayor Levar Stoney.

That‘s not what the area BLM is saying, and even called out the Mayor himself on the lies:

Interesting revelation to say the least. Guess we’ll see what they say.....


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