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Updated: Sep 20, 2019

Let the games begin...

As bloggers, exposers, citizen/ independent journalists, there will come a time where you will meet another- who disagrees with your stances- and will do everything they can to discredit your work. Fortunately, homegrown 2A women in Virginia, like myself, have thick skin... and sharp tongues to go along with our southern charms.

In the time I've been fighting for our Constitutional Rights, I've had the pleasure of being "blacklisted," doxxed, defamed, slandered, unfollowed... SPELL & GRAMMAR CHECKED... the list is long. I've also had the honor of working with many other amazing bloggers, journalists/ news outlets, foundations, organizations, politicians, fellow activists, etc... all over the country, that have really set the bar on PRO Constitution/ 2A activism. So, to any of you venturing into the field, brace yourselves. It can be invigorating and empowering... but definitely a dirty, nasty, sticky job... and fortunately for me... I like that sort of stuff. ;)


Some of my research partners are in Illinois. The state that "houses" the most controversial gun control laws in the nation... along with their crime infested, glory hole, Ol Chicago, as an example. So, of course, when studying policies to blog about, I use Illinois laws as a basis, as well as the research my partners at Illinois Watchdogs for Constitutional Rights, sends my way for comparison purposes. None of the info that we have conglomerated on has yet to fail me, which is why I'm putting this article out there.


Schofield Shill?

Recently, Illinois Watchdogs for Constitutional Rights called out a local politician, Carolyn Schofield, on her 2A stances- after a social media post of hers "explaining" said stances.

Carolyn Schofield is not a hunter, but claims to be a supporter of the 2nd Amendment. "However," she does not understand the hunting argument for AR-15s.

Then she goes on to compare the owning of one for hunting purposes to that of A CHILD STRIKING OUT IN BASEBALL. (My WTF meter went through the roof after reading that! Immediately thought of how much she reminds me of my reluctant- to- love- me pals at Moms Demand Action For Gun Sense In America.)

No, Carolyn, as a WOMAN & MOTHER, myself, I can honestly say, you're not Pro 2nd Amendment at all, hun. Let's talk "common sense," though.

Common Sense would NOT be putting a CHILD in a comparable argument with FIREARMS in the first place. The Left Wing media as well as ANTI- 2nd Amendment orgs are already doing that. Me, as an outsider of Illinois, a woman, a mom and a VERY PRO 2nd AMENDMENT ACTIVIST, sees your example as a "RED FLAG" in your own politics. Sounds like you are baiting a middle ground for votes, maybe... and YOU KNOW NOTHING ABOUT THE IMPORTANCE OF THE 2nd AMENDMENT... or guns... PERIOD.


THIS article is not to continue to call out the hypocrisy and ignorance that Mrs. Schofield exhibits. Illinois Watchdogs for Constitutional Rights (IW4CR) does that well enough for anyone in their article (linked above by clicking the pic).

Nor is this some way of hyping of any support for Allen Skillicorn- Mrs. Schofield's 2020 challenger. I've had a few social media run ins with Mr. Skillicorn, but nothing to really establish any type of real opinion on the guy. As a matter of fact, the times he and I have conversed online, it was in disagreements. LOL! I mean... I think he's a cool dude, which I'm sure Mrs. Schofiled is a hip chick, but it doesn't mean they're not above being held accountable for how they portray their politics.


THIS ARTICLE IS to call out another, though. A Mr. John Lopez, who writes for a blog space for McHenry County, Illinois. Seems to have a lot of OPINIONS on both Skillicorn and Schofield- Skillicorn seems to get a lot of bashing from Mr. Lopez rather than any praises unlike Mrs. Schofield. His articles on the matter are oozing with bias, yet he claims to not be.

Granted, I just skimmed through most of his pieces to write up this one of my own, but the main reason I'm calling him out is how he portrays a fellow blogger/ citizen researcher & journalist for trying to provide evidence to the masses- so that we all can formulate a validated opinion. Mr. Lopez, rather than looking into the information that Illinois Watchdogs for Constitutional Rights (IW4CR) provides in their article on Mrs. Schofield, he instead belittles, demeans and discredits their work- calling it all a smear campaign against Carolyn Schofield as well as even insinuates that IW4CR is a bunch of "white supremacists" by comparing the forum to 8Chan.

Check out Mr. Lopez's fun article doing such, HERE

Talk about "A Smear Campaign," Mr. Lopez. Tsk Tsk...


I've been criticized a TON on my PRO 2A Stance by the masses of Antis in the world. I've also been ridiculed greatly for my own criticisms of President Trump on his follies on understanding the Constitutional Right To Bear Arms. That in itself should prove that I'm NOT biased. BUT! When I see other bloggers trying to push BIAS, I can't help but call them out... because Good News is hard to find these days. Reading over the exploits that Mr. Lopez includes in his articles on Skillicorn, Schofield and my pals at Illinois Watchdogs for Constitutional Rights, I have to say that there's a very BIAS tone coming from him... and he's not fair with it. Instead, Mr. Lopez's recent fun article (linked above) exhibits a bit of bitterness, as he shares screenshots of individuals questioning Mrs. Schofield through her social media pages. Lopez doesn't even consider an extended hand in privacy for these accounts, as an unbiased blogger, but instead uses their info in his screenshots to invite folks, like himself, for an onslaught of trolling. (No, Mr. Lopez. Just because they stated their opinions and questions publicly on THAT forum, it doesn't give you the right to use them as targets ON YOURS- because they're NOT public figures, like me, Mrs. Schofield, Mr. Skillicorn... or yourself who seems to not have public social media accounts... WEIRD).

The bias is clear.

Mr. John Lopez for McHenry County, IL Blog... is a Schofield Shill.

BUT... I'm just a measly Gun Nutty Mom Blogger in Southern, VA (with National exposure & credibility)... so what do I know, right?

Mom- At- Arms HAPPILY ENDORSES Illinois Watchdogs for Constitutional Rights.

Learn Some Blogging Etiquette Mr. Lopez. If you're going to discredit work of another, DO SOME RESEARCH FIRST.

Update 9/20/2019:

Apparently, myself and a couple others have struck some nerves. Upon calling out Mr. Lopez (whom we believe to be a pseudonym/ pen name) out, and having a brief interaction with him on the site that he writes for, he has openly expressed that he's willing to use the real names and emails that are given to enter the site in confidence, for further communications.

To leave a comment on the site, your email is required... but kept in CONFIDENCE.

Mr. Lopez states below (which we also have in screenshots):

"With the addition of MomAtArms and ILW4CR #1 respective comments from this afternoon, I must give thanks to God that putting me into the place to shine the light of truth have brought these two individuals here to McHenry County Blog. When I am guided to write about anything, I’m being guided by the only One and true Name that matters, and He has brought the two of them, the Illinois Watchdogs 4 Constitutional Rights, to us all. I do what I am told, and by an act of God, they are here. And because they posted respectfully here in a comment, I have their respective email addresses which I will keep private in the event they need to be contacted again, directly and privately."

Why even flash that option to the masses?

First and foremost, my info is out there. This blog is MINE and I allow a means for folks to contact me. I also give you all bits of info as to who I am personally. Do I have skeletons in my closet? SURE I DO! I have no shame, though, and believe wholeheartedly in public repentance when the time, or G-d, calls for it. I've done so many times... PUBLICLY, actually. AND! If it helps, I'm also in debt. Like many other Americans. LOL! I'm human. I also consider myself a Christian (since Mr. Lopez wants to use Our Heavenly Father as a basis of his attacks). I'm NOT some holier- than- thou Liberal in disguise trying to make "blogging" a popularity contest. Mr. Lopez's article to which brought me in, out of defense for my research partner's good name, is filled with opinionated bias. He uses his FRESH position with a long standing, reputable blog/ news site to discredit other's work where they expose corruption, falsehoods and the deliverance of TRUTH- which he claims he's for.

Mr. Lopez adds (screenshots of this are also on file):

"As for the 66th district Republican primary, 2A and many other issues will be vetted over the next nearly 6 months. That is how an election works, and that is how McHenry County Blog will proceed. It is done. Thank you for your contact information. It will be treated in full confidence. Now I have names, and if any real follow-up dialogues are needed, we will reach out. JL"

Mr. Lopez has also stated a few times in his comments, as well as in his articles, that he's used info to do GOOGLE searches on others. The article to which all of this drama is in retrospect to , he publicly admitted he sought out the ownership of my partner's blog. Now, Mr. Lopez publicly admits that he has that info as well as mine. Hmmmm... as someone (ME) with an extensive b/g (family and personal) in law enforcement and investigating (which many of you who follow along know by now), I'm sure you're all wondering the same in knowing that the intended use of providing names and emails was to enter a damn blog site- not extended communications. So you're probably thinking... "Did Mr. Lopez just threaten to use confidential information for purposes other than what they were intended? Isn't that BLACKMAIL!?!"

Why yes... folks... yes it is. HAPPY FRIDAY!


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