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Blogging with a toddler

Updated: Nov 27, 2018

Um... I said no more toys. Like, for real. I sent out a major text, a few emails, called folks... "MY KID IS SPOILED ROTTEN! NO MORE TOYS TILL HE CAN CLEAN THEM UP ON HIS OWN!!"

Sounds harsh, right... but, you know that joke about stepping on a LEGO at 3am, when you're trying to make your way down the hall, in the dark to the bathroom? YEAH! It's a real thing. Giving birth to my son, the "old fashioned way" and then having 36 stitches "down there" to keep things from falling out, HAS NOTHING ON THE PAIN FELT FROM STEPPING ON A LEGO AT 3am!!!

Anywho... I was raised in that Military/ Law Enforcement lifestyle. From a young age, my older brother and I were molded into little soldiers. From sun up to sun down, we were a busy bunch. Growing up on a farm, there’s no end to the work. Summers and weekends were nonexistent. Were my parents strict? Yes! Were we deprived of a childhood? NO! Being "Farm Kids" with limited toys and gadgets (we didn't have color tv with more than 3 channels until I was like 11yrs old), my bro and I had more fun than any other kid we knew growing up. We climbed stuff, built things... destroyed plenty! HA! Country Kid Way Of Life.

So... Most would say my parents were overbearing and super strict.

I would say, "DUH!"

In reality, though, especially looking at how kids act today, I am so grateful for my strict upbringing. I've never seen so much chaos in childhood development in all my life! I actually sit back and look at my little boy now and think, "Oh Dear God!! Please don't let me raise my kid to be a pansy!"

With all that said, please know... my kid is well taken care of. He has A TON OF STUFF and is happy, plays and dances and tries to sing all the time. Little Dude is silly, healthy, and free spirited... but he knows "The Look" already at 2yrs old- which I find completely amazing. My 2yr old minds me better than most children older than him mind their parents, and I can only pray that "The Look" continues to scare the ever living crap out of him. My goal as a Mom, is to be able to look across a crowded room, and give my son "The Look" without him even seeing me give it directly. In other words, I want to be able to do "The Look" and it be like a magnetic force, where he'll feel it and meet my gaze, get a chill up his spine, and immediately start to analyze his thinking processes. I NEED THAT POWER OF MIND CONTROL!

I'm not saying later on in life, when my son is a teenager, that I'm not gonna allow him to "have a voice." I can remember, very well, being a headstrong teen that knew it all.


Right. I still don't know it all at 29 years old (+6), and as this more modern society of Political Correctness continues to infest our households, the civility and intellect will continue to dwindle. I think that's why my toddler actually understands me very well at 2 years old. I've been speaking to Liberals for so long now, that my kid's brain sees it as if I'm on his level. Yes! I believe that children, up until a certain age, are all Liberal. Fortunately, it's a more moldable form of Liberalism the earlier in age they are.

With all of this rambling, I promise I have a point. In the beginning of this post, I spoke about my kid having a ton of toys. He has so many, that he doesn't even play with over half of them- and it’s very symbolic of what is wrong with our society. We've made it so easy for kids and some adults to get their hands on any and everything that they want, they've become entitled and lack appreciation. With that comes laziness and complacency. There’s no fire. No spirit about really making change and a difference. Our Government, prior to our present admin, gave away EVERYTHING! Because of this, a lack of accountability for one’s actions took place as a trend. Wrongdoers EXPECT forgiveness rather than willing to make things right.

Where do we go from here?

The lack of discipline in our country, where everything has become so “PC,” has made it harder on those of us who WANT to work for what we have. We WANT to work to make things right and even more so, WE ARE WILLING!

How do we make a difference?

We stop overloading our society’s “Toddlers” (Those looking for handouts) with “toys.” It’ll be a tough job... as many of you Moms know what I’m talking about (and Dads, too)... but we make them WORK FOR THEIR KEEP. It’s time to push for what’s right. Not just some agenda. Not for some political stance, but for what we know is the RIGHT thing to do.

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Like the post. It's good to see that there are mothers like you that are setting an example. Entitlement isn't a good thing. The appreciation of things, people, are values that are so needed in todays world.

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