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Breaking: more dirt on Biden’s ATF pick

First, if you haven’t viewed our article in which the info we dug up on David and Tara Chipman was included in, please view:

In that, we talk about Tara’s current position at the ATF and also her very partisan/anti-gun activist activity. What we found today though proves that if he is confirmed to lead the agency, it would be a massive conflict of interest for the Chipmans.

We found a FOIA request done in 2019. The requested materials was the DOJ correspondence manual:

Well, as it turns out, Tara Chipman is the main contact for the ATF. Essentially, she’s the “gatekeeper” for the agency.

Zoom in towards the top:

What we have here is a massive conflict of interest. If David were to lead the ATF, his would be the main DOJ contact for the agency. Anyone else see a problem with this? It’s listed on her LinkedIn (which is included in our article above), but we had no idea she was the head honcho for the ATF in this case.

Keep it classy, Tara.....

And isn‘t wonderful that division leadership (Tara) in the ATF is helping raise money for Giffords through her husband (the now nominee to be ATF director)?


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