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Champaign, Illinois FOIA regarding their Emergency Declaration and firearms

Updated: May 20, 2020

We all know what they did on March 13, so here’s some insight of what Mayor Feinen thinks about during a crisis (grant money!!!). Champaign is an Everytown For Gun Safety partner if you didn’t guess already. On to the emails (obtained by a Mom-At-Arms contributor/reader and published as soon as they were sifted through)!

What timing, eh? Just two day’s after that email is when the emergency declaration happened (yeah, it’s more than just guns, i know). The mayor (with the help of Everytown) wants to look at tapping into federal dollars to use it for gun control. I’m sure Everytown approved of the 3/13/20 Emergency Declaration.

Further, after news spread about the city council giving her the power to ban the sale/transfer of guns, the city wasn’t happy about the negative press:

And if there isn’t bigger issues at hand LOL:


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