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Chicago Mayor on self defense during riots: Do not use guns, don’t do it, call the police instead

Uh, Lori, I think the police are a little to busy these days to be able to react on the drop of a dime in a life or death situation........

I know, you can’t upset your buddy:

In a time where large city police departments are abandoning precincts and telling callers that they’re “on their own”, this is a very reckless and dangerous statement for the Mayor of Chicago to make. All the laws of lethal use of force still apply during this time. Lethal force is no joke. She should not tell people “don’t”, as that could lead to further loss of life. Instead, she should tell people the laws still apply and to defend yourself if your life is in danger. All of this, and her pal, Illinois Governor J.B. Pritzker, stands with the very people doing the looting, rioting, and burning down churches.

When seconds count, the police are only minutes (or now, hours) away. Unless you’re Mayor Lightfoot of course. She apparently has 75 officer protecting her house:

Mayor Lightfoot, you really need to bring Rhonda Ezell to the table here. As a civil rights leader, she has offered her help. Will you take it?

More on her organization, Chicago Gun Matter:


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