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City Council member in IL threatens to take guns of opponent in email

Updated: Jun 23, 2020

A FOIA dump from Champaign, Illinois was provided to us today. Good old public servants think they’re above us all and are rulers:

Just for making a statement (“no one‘s taking my 2A rights away”), that caused this councilwoman to reply “being that no one has, I would”. This was all unfolding at the time of the Champaign Executive Order due to COVID. We also published a previous article which proves the mayor is in with Everytown (obtained via FOIA):

Now, regarding this city council member that replied the way she did:

Councilwoman Clarissa Nickerson Fourman was primarily concerned that Mayor Feinen might interrupt the supply of liquor. It is not clear if Fourman was concerned about her personal supply of spirits, or if she was expressing a concern for her constituents, but she raised the issue at least three different times during the meeting. Fourman first appeared to be making a joke: “I’m not as serious a person as everybody else, so I have to ask Mayor Feinen to please don’t close the liquor stores. Please.”
Fourman continued to push the issue, bringing it up a second time directly with the Mayor: “Mayor Feinen, you not gonna to close the liquor stores, right?” No chuckles were given this round, and Feinen said, “not today”.
Then, Fourman actually interrupted the City Clerk as she performed the roll call vote on the emergency ordinance, adding a bizarre contingency to her yes/no vote: “Yes, if she doesn’t close the liquor stores.” Fourman’s behavior was out of order and moved well beyond what might have been considered a light-hearted joke, and into what appears to be a an alcohol problem. Some of the other Council members feigned a smile but they mostly looked embarrassed. The situation has citizens wondering what Fourman is actually sipping from her trademark can of Dr. Pepper.

Please, keep liquor stores open, but F people’s constitutional rights. Hell, she’ll take the guns herself it seems. She also seems nice, doesn’t she? Gotta love inter-party infighting!

Not only does she want to take guns and tell her supporters to harass people she disagrees with, she also does hit-and-runs!

A Champaign man said he had to follow newly-appointed Champaign city council member Clarissa Nickerson Fourman for a few blocks after she hit the mirror of his sport utility vehicle and kept going.

Moving on, it also appears that Democrats are worried about the backlash of elected officials (in the case, the Mayor of Champaign) pushing gun stuff too far. He’s right though, as it does prove us right (because we are):

The whole mess this caused prompted the city attorney to go into a CYA moment. The mayor was appreciative:


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