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Congresswoman Lauren Boebert misses the mark

Updated: Jan 5, 2021

This is a PR stunt that could have been much better and more meaningful:

We have no doubt she’ll be fantastic in terms of possibly expanding and protecting the 2A while in office (and hopefully making the anti-gun officials squirm and throw a tantrum if they see her carrying) , but what she’s trying to accomplish here doesn’t benefit anyone except herself and other Congresscritters. A much more meaningful approach would have been to light a fire under the anti-gun politicians‘ rear ends and state she was going to immediately submit legislation that would prohibit federal politicians from carrying anywhere that us “plebs” can’t in the Washington D.C. Captol (which is everywhere). We all know many anti-gunners in Congress live by “do as I say, not as I do” and carry anyways, and it would have been great seeing the swamp rats attempt to state that they should be able to protect themselves because they’re “legislators“ and are more “important”.

Members of Congress are no different than you or I. If we were to conceal & carry anywhere on the grounds of the Capitol and get caught, we’d be arrested, charged and be screwed. Lauren Boebert missed the mark completely here and screwed up a massive opportunity just to pull a personal publicity stunt. Learn from it next time and remember the people who got you into office and make it known that they should have all the same rights and “privileges” as congress in terms of guns (which below is a good start):

UPDATE: apparently some of the blowback got to her and she sent this out (can’t argue with this and she’s right):

UPDATE 2: She caved and Shannon is loving it.


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