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COVID-19 Moms Demand Action outrage and idiocy part 2

Updated: May 20, 2020

Follow up to yesterday’s article. Good lord these Moms Demand Action supporters/volunteers are STUPID!!! They just don’t get it......

It gets better though! Shannon Watts (Moms Demand Action‘s Führer) think rationing of supplies should be implemented!

You see, Shannon, people are getting legally armed to safeguard their homes and families. That’s it. They don’t want CRIMINALS looting them or attempting to harm them for those items they bought at the store. Your agenda is crumbling before you as people snap out of their “feel good” daze and realize that personal/family safety and protecting your supplies is #1. You’ve put people who would normally ally with you at a disadvantage and they now know you’re full of lies. Too bad your “army of moms” is too brainwashed and thinks it’s to “shoot the virus“. Ha!

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Cee Five
Cee Five
Mar 18, 2020

I would love to see that early morning adventure when our shannon babe dials 911 and no one answers. I bet the expression on her face would be PRICELESS.

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