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Moms Demand Action members getting spooked about surge of guns/ammo purchases due to COVID-19

Updated: May 20, 2020

Update: Follow-up to this article located here. Includes more idiocy and Watts bitching & moaning about stuff.


No no no!!! This can’t happen! Moms Demand Action members are getting scared!!!! Edited out names and handles to protect their identities:

Their irrational fear of guns/ammo is exactly why they don’t understand WHY people are buying guns and ammo.

Folks are stocking up in order to PROTECT THEMSELVES AND THEIR LOVED ONES from possible looting and people looking to cause havoc during the current situation we all are facing, NOT to “shoot the virus”. These people want everyone defenseless in chaos. The people buying weapons are doing what’s necessary to safeguard their supplies and family, simple as that. More and more people are waking up and realizing it’s what needs to be done during times like this.

Better to be prepared than not to be, don’t you think? I question anyone’s true intentions who disagrees. This will all blow over, but in the meantime, let’s thank CNN, MSNBC, and other MSM outlets for creating a panic and waking some people up and getting them to realize “hey, maybe I should get a gun for protection”.

If your locality is floating the idea of gun bans/gun control due to the hysteria, the NRA put out a fantastic alert.

The majority of U.S. states now have similar laws to prevent state and local officials from using the exercise of their “emergency powers” as a pretext to infringe the right to keep and bear arms. And even in the absence of such laws, the Second Amendment still applies by its own force.
That’s why we are asking gun owners to be alert to any attempt to leverage the fear and uncertainty around the COVID-19 outbreak to assail Second Amendment rights. If you learn of any such attempt, please contact us immediately at, or (800) 392-8683. If possible, please include a link or reference to the proposed bill or rule in question.

Here is the list of Everytown’s/Moms Demand Action’s allied mayors and local governments, and yes, Champaign Illinois (which was in the news recently) is one of them:

These people want you to not have the ability to acquire a firearm legally in order to protect yourself during a crisis. Think about that.


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