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David Chipman’s wife suddenly “retires” from her senior position at the ATF (and also more FOIA’s)

Interesting time to suddenly retire, especially after our articles went semi-viral (here, here and here) as well as viral video on the subject and her locking down her Twitter account. As of last week:


We wish her well in retirement, but we really want to know why she retired 1 week after our stories on her and David were gaining steam. Seems a tad more than just a coincidence, or maybe Schumer had the votes to confirm David to be the ATF director and they needed this massive “conflict of interest” gone. Time will tell.....

Oh, and before you go, we dug up more Fast & Furious scandal FOIA emails with her name written all over it from when House and Senate Republicans were pressing the ATF and DOJ to answer for the blundered operation.

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