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Delegate Levine and “Nazis”: time for him to denounce the U.S. space program and jets per his logic

As we all know by now, Delegate Mark Levine hates the AR-15 because it’s a gun that “Nazis used”. His words, not ours.

While that is completely false (the AR-15 wasn't even around in WWII), he did respond to the Mom-At-Arms lead and quoted the Washington Post as his source for the info.

Ok, let’s assume that the Third Reich invented the AR-15 and Delegate Levine is correct (which he’s not). For sake of argument, we’ll say he is. The logic he is using is that the AR-15 is evil and deadly due to its history and we better take that into consideration. Well, he better come out and denounce the entire U.S. Space program then, as a former Nazi (and member of the SS) is responsible for it (and us getting to the moon).

During WWII, the Third Reich developed a ballistic missile, the V2. It was a weapon which was used to strike England during the war. Workers at the factory where the rocket was produced were mostly prisoners from a nearby concentration camp.

This missile based off of the A4 rocket, which is a product of Wernher Avon Braun’s research & development (pictured below in the suit).