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Delegate Levine and “Nazis”: time for him to denounce the U.S. space program and jets per his logic

As we all know by now, Delegate Mark Levine hates the AR-15 because it’s a gun that “Nazis used”. His words, not ours.

While that is completely false (the AR-15 wasn't even around in WWII), he did respond to the Mom-At-Arms lead and quoted the Washington Post as his source for the info.

Ok, let’s assume that the Third Reich invented the AR-15 and Delegate Levine is correct (which he’s not). For sake of argument, we’ll say he is. The logic he is using is that the AR-15 is evil and deadly due to its history and we better take that into consideration. Well, he better come out and denounce the entire U.S. Space program then, as a former Nazi (and member of the SS) is responsible for it (and us getting to the moon).

During WWII, the Third Reich developed a ballistic missile, the V2. It was a weapon which was used to strike England during the war. Workers at the factory where the rocket was produced were mostly prisoners from a nearby concentration camp.

This missile based off of the A4 rocket, which is a product of Wernher Avon Braun’s research & development (pictured below in the suit).

Von Braun was not only a Nazi Party member, but was an officer in the SS.

You get the point. His expertise and research is responsible for the development of what led to the creation of the V2 rocket (a ballistic missile that that was used against the enemies of the Third Reich). He was a Nazi and developed weapons for them.

On May 2 1945, Von Braun surrendered to US forces. He was given an offer he couldn’t refuse: to work with the United States and their rocket program. From 1945-1950, he worked in Fort Bliss, Texas and helped train the Americans on his technology.

Von Braun and his research is directly responsible for the entire US Space program's rocketry advances. In fact, he worked for NASA (which was established by President Eisenhower in 1960).

Under Von Braun's influence and expertise, NASA was able to get to the moon with Apollo 11.

This is NOT a fluff piece on the Third Reich or Von Braun. This is just history and fact. It's just an example of what people like Levine use as an argument for not liking things. Must we all denounce mankind's greatest (arguably) scientific achievement (putting a man on the moon) due to it's roots beginning in the Third Reich during World War II and "originally used by the Nazis"? Or do we accept the past, realize that good came out of it due to defeating the enemy in WWII and building off of their scientific advances, which allowed the greatest country on earth and in the history of the world (the United States of America) to beat the Soviets in the space race and go where no man has gone before?

We won World War II. We helped defeat the Nazi war machine and put an end to the horrific crimes they committed. We took their scientists and technology (including jet engines for airplanes) and built upon it to become a super power. No offense, Delegate Levine, but if you're saying that we must denounce the AR-15 because it has it's "roots in Nazi Germany" (which is false), then we must denounce everything that America has achieved and produced post- WWII that has any trace back to WWII Germany. Will you come out against space travel (oh boy, Trump's Space Force) and production jet engines as well? Have you ever flown on a passenger jet? Knock it off with the crazy emotional arguments that try and invoke an emotional response, they make you look like an idiot and proves you use your platform to misconstrue facts and actual historical events to suit your political needs.

"To the victors go the spoils".

-Senator William Macy


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