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Delegate Levine: “The AR15 was originally used by the Nazis”. Let’s discuss.....

As we reported yesterday, Delegate Levine thinks the AR-15 (developed in the 1950’s by former US Marine Eugene Stoner) is a gun that was used by Nazi Germany (1933-1945).

This article is not going to go into the details of the STG 44 (the first true assault rifle) or anything like that. This article is going to discuss that Mark Levine is insane and he basically is calling the US military (and even Israel) “Nazis“.

1. The standard issue helmet our military adopted in the 1980’s to replace the “steel pot” is based off of the design of WW2 Germany’s M40 combat helmet.

2. The standard sidearm of the US military since 1985 (and also many civilian police departments), the Beretta 92, borrowed many features from the Walther P38 (which replaced the P08 Luger). This includes a safety/decocker, locking block, open slide, etc. The Beretta 92 improved on Walther’s design.

3. The US Military’s M60 machine gun borrowed many features from the German MG42.

I think the point is getting across, which is the United States took WW2 German designs, improved them, and then we adopted them for our own military. The AR-15 was not one of those designs, as it has almost nothing in common with the MP44/STG44 other than having a detachable box magazine (the AR-15 is also semi-auto only, where as the MP44 is selective fire). Does Levine think that the US military and it’s members are “Nazis“ because they use helmets and firearms that are based off of Nazi Germany designs? Sure seems like that’s what he‘s implying.

To close, there was one country that DID use Nazi weapons to help establish their independence. That country is Israel. From 1947 to 1949, Czechoslovakia shipped captured Nazi weapons to the infant state so they could be armed. Are the Israelis “Nazis”, Delegate Levine?

The point to all of this is that Levine is using an emotional response to justify things (even though he had no clue). A firearm (or helmet) is an object. As Israel proved, they can use “evil guns” for the defense of their newly formed nation. An object is an object. It does not know right from wrong. It doesn‘t pick the target.


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