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Democrats again screw us all, but now added more BS in

Updated: May 20, 2020

Another lousy day in the market because Democrats continue to play games. Once again, they blocked a stimulus bill to help suffering AMERICANS during a time of an acute crisis. People are losing their jobs (mainly in states with Democrat control, in which the governors took it upon themselves to lock everything down, not Trump). The Democrats in Washington DC just drafted their own bill instead, which will obviously go nowhere because it’s more of a DNC wishlist, NOT an effort to help our country during the current situation.

The truth is that the Democrats view the COVID-19 crisis as an opportunity to push through garbage and play partisan politics, for example:

Yes, dropping a lawsuit will surely provide relief to taxpaying Americans who have just been laid off. And what about the DACA folks? Don’t worry, they want that taken care of too! Free money to everyone!!!!

Most importantly, can’t forget museums!

”Non-profits”? Oh look who’s joined the party!!

Oh, and in the Democrats’ bill, gee, what a surprise (it’s in the link in the first paragraph of this article as well):

The virus is real, but the reactions by many are purely political. Money for relief is meant for AMERICAN TAXPAYERS who are suffering and out of work temporarily. Then again, Democrats and their allies do what Democrats do best: exploit tragedies and crisis situations for political gain.


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