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DNC Delegate/March For Our Lives activist assists in doxing Missouri couple who defended property

Well these “activists” are out to ruin people’s lives and possibly send a violent mob to attack them:

First, the “protestors“ opened and entered a gate that went on to private property (gated community). Talk about a creepy image:

1 second prior:

Further proof signs are useless against those intending to cause trouble.

Clicking the above link posted before the 3 photos, you’ll see the couple said that they were trespassing and told them to leave over and over, and the mob went on to taunt them by chanting “who’s streets are these? Our streets. Who’s streets are these? Our streets.” The couple‘s trigger discipline is horrendous, but the mobs of people (many of which are doing more than just protest) are getting out of hand nationwide with looting, rioting, assaults, and even murder. Now, with that, let’s look at who Rachel is.

She’s an activist with March For Our Lives (gun control group that’s now full blown SJW BS):

She also supports Moms Demand Action:

Now, the good stuff. She’s a DNC delegate:

She apparently catches the eyes of Missouri dems too (what a creepy bunch):

JEFFERSON CITY — The Missouri Democratic Party said Monday a state Senate candidate from St. Louis should abandon his campaign after a party official said the candidate sent her “creepy” late-night Facebook messages over the weekend.
The Democrats’ statement came after Rachel Gonzalez, a 21-year-old member of the state party executive committee, shared a screenshot of an online conversation between her and Bill Haas, 75, in which he asks if she has a boyfriend and if she is alone.
Gonzalez said the exchange made her uncomfortable and she shared it on social media because she did not want other women “subjected to his inappropriate behavior.”

And here she is with her pal, Hillary!

These people will ruin anyone that stands in their way. They are full blown radicals. You saw the linked video in which the “protestors” entered a gated community (why?). With everything going on, they had a right to be concerned. Not to the left, though. You stand up to them they go after you in any way they can. The above comes after this guy called for this to happen to the individuals involved (he locked his account after it backfired):

And now, for a twist (especially due to what started all of this BS)......

ST. LOUIS (AP) — A suburban St. Louis police officer who appears to kick a surrendering man in images captured on dashcam video has been indicted on a federal charge.
David Maas was indicted Thursday on one count of deprivation of rights under color of law, the U.S. attorney's office said in a news release.
According to the indictment, Maas kicked and struck the man in April 2019 while the man was compliant and not posing a physical threat to anyone, causing “bodily injury" and depriving him of his right to be “free from unreasonable force."
Maas was worked for the Woodson Terrace Police Department at the time but later began working for the police force in Breckenridge Hills.
The St. Louis Post-Dispatch reports that indictment identifies the victim by the initials “I.F.” The allegations match those made in a 2019 civil lawsuit by Isaiah Forman. Forman is serving a seven-year prison sentence after pleading guilty to second-degree assault on a special victim for crashing into a St. Ann police car during the chase.
The lawsuit against Maas and others says Forman had “surrendered peaceably.”
Police at the time said Forman, then 21, was driving a car that had been taken by another man at gunpoint.
“I’m glad that the law enforcement agencies are subject to the same standard as everybody else," Forman’s lawyer, Mark McCloskey, said.

Good job, leftists. You alienated a potential ally in “police reform”. Isn‘t that what you’re supposedly marching/protesting about? Also, guess what? He is a Democrat:

Update 6/29 8:10AM:

It was getting pretty nasty for Rachel. She got doxed herself (we did not take part in that) and she went private:

As did Kyle:

And thought this was funny.


Even the president brought attention to it:


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