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Everytown attempts to use black history month for their gain, but their employees have some words...

Here we go again! Everytown is attempting to show solidarity with the black community By highlighting black history month:

They recognize the importance of black leadership? Not within their organization according to current and former employees:

Those are some of the more recent Glassdoor reviews. More can be found here. And while this isn’t a 100% indicator of hard evidence, it is a consistent complaint, which shows a pattern. I mean hell, Shannon Watts of Moms Demand Action (Everytown’s volunteer army of “progressive” activists) uses her platform to send police after a Black Lives Matter group who defied a bogus gun free zone ordinance that her moms lobbied for (history seems to repeat itself).

Don’t believe the reviews? Well, the non-partisan 2A (probably the most hardcore gun rights organization) Firearms Policy Coaltion seems to think our research is credible as well....

So, Will Everytown ever address this in honor of black history month? Don’t hold your breath.


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