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Everytown endorsed congressman doesn’t practice what he preaches regarding gun safety

Here’s a goodie. Congressman Maloney (D-NY18) recently voted to ban commonly owned semi-auto firearms (HR1808). One piece of it:

Requires Safe Storage: Creates robust requirements for securely storing grandfathered weapons to prevent unauthorized access.

So, he’s all for criminalizing folks who don’t lock up their guns. Now, as we know, most gun owners already do lock up their weapons when they’re not at the ready for self-defense and such. But here’s the thing: gun grabbers like Maloney not only don’t know a thing about guns, they don’t practice what they preach. Check out this snippet from a recent interview he had with The NY Times:

Mara Gay: It’s OK. Do you own a gun?
Maloney: No.
Mara Gay: Have you ever fired a gun?
Maloney: Excuse me, I do own a gun. I inherited an old 22 rifle from my dad, which sits in a closet somewhere in a house we don’t use very much.
Mara Gay: Have you ever fired it?
Maloney: Yes, of course.

So this congressman FORGETS that he had a gun, doesn’t know where it is (somewhere in a closet) and it isn’t stored safely (sits in a closet). Why is it that these Everytown/Moms Demand Action “gun sense” candidates are such hypocritical morons that can’t even keep track of a single firearm in their own home and store it according to the laws that they want? That’s gun sense for ya....

I don’t care what type of firearm it is. Losing it and having it somewhere around your house is both dangerous and irresponsible.


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