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Everytown’s media arm is upset that feds are being sent to deal with Chicago “gang/gun violence”

The ONLY reason Trace Media (which is Everytown’s media arm) is talking about this in a possible negative light is because Lightfoot (who dismisses claims of the violence that‘s going on now) is a mayor that they backed for office and she is also now a vocal opponent of Trump. Everytown doesn’t want the problems solved, all they want is laws, and criminals don’t obey laws. They don‘t think it’s right to get criminal gang members off the street (that’s “police violence” ), but legal gun owners should be “red flagged“ for saying things online or getting in an argument with someone at work. Scumbags.

Hopefully the feds get these gangs under control (they’re already starting the get the largest gang boss in Illinois to sweat), as the mayor has more pressing issues at the moment it seems. From last week:


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