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Everytown’s Wear Orange day: Blood Money

Updated: May 20, 2020

Everytown For Gun Safety has a “holiday” for ”gun violence awareness”. June 5th is the organization’s “gun violence awareness day” and has been for a few years.

These ghouls actually created a faux “holiday” to raise money off of death LOL. Looking further into Wear Orange we see that Everytown overcharges for their apparel (designer brand prices):

Who benefits from the money raised? The Everytown Support Fund:

The support fund sees a jump in revenue when a tragic shooting happens, as pointed out in their 2018 IRS 990. 2018 was a “good year” for them (Parkland shooting):

Working for the Support Fund also pays pretty well!

All that money also helps fund events like this with the American Federation of Teachers: