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Executive Board Member of gun control group suggests abolishing police will lessen “gun violence”

Updated: Aug 5, 2020

Meet Kelly Choi

Kelly is an Executive Board Member of the gun control group March For Our Lives:

Kelly said this:

And this:

But did this:

And this:

Kelly is an idiot that apparently likes to backstab when it suits her needs (never trust a commie). I have no love for chief Art, though. He’s a Bloomberg hack. To top all of this off, MFOL is attempting to egg on a fight with the feds that are arresting actual bad guys with guns (sorry MFOL, these arent NRA members in the gangs. NRA members aren’t gang bangers with felony priors). Isn’t this encouraging “gun violence”?:

Just days earlier:

They can’t make up their damn minds lol.

Kelly or MFOL will also not say a word about this (below). She’s probably celebrating because that’s just how crazy these people are. At least we’ll send prayers as she asked for her son-in-law:


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