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Former Brady Camp. Prez Flips The Script

Recently, a fellow 2nd Amendment Activist, Rob Pincus, took the time to co-write an article with former President of The Brady Campaign, Dan Gross, in an attempt to help steer the narrative. In so many words, they worked together to show that Gun Grabbers and Gun Nuts can work together in harmony... or something like that... for the sake of Universal Background Checks (UBCs). We, personally, here at Mom-At-Arms, wanted the story to lose wind, but one of those authors just dropped a bomb... on their own campaign.

As many have said, the co-authored piece is a bit "wordy" (much like this article will be. #SorryNotSorry), others have called out the authors as traitors from within their own camps (which prompted a sweet hit piece that got more views than the actual article in question), and a good handful of us would rather it be used as an example of how the two sides are at least trying (especially considering the continuous division in society which has created barriers to talk about the importance of firearms in the first place). Coming from a counter propagandist's view, though, it was actually a brilliant attempt at promoting unity through logical reasoning on how UBCs may actually be a reality for us all, as well as how society (as a whole) can use it to not only expand the checks, themselves, but to expand in our chosen activisms... as for or against them. Point being... not many people think logically these days. It's a fact. We are living in a world of cancel culture and "feels" that no one knows how to actually process information given on a certain topic, and to analyze it reasonably per the times at hand. Hell! The mention of Rob Pincus's name sets waves of anxiety through many... and honestly, if you're an activist... especially a 2A one... it shouldn't. You should be more worried about how your own venture is being delivered to folks... NOT just folks like yourself. #EchoChamber Cause, truth be told, one day, you're going to run into a person with a similar mindset as "The Pinc," but with less status quo. You just gonna turn them away? (Yeah! Bravo! That's EXACTLY what we need more of in this activism! *eye roll insert*)

Where many have failed to focus, because it was stuck on "The Pinc," and their feels for him and how he hates Fenix Ammo (who we think is AWESOME. See how that works? There is an actual thing as seeing both sides and being appreciative of both... AT THE SAME TIME) is Dan Gross. HE is the "money shot" in all of this. And for the sake of "saving logic," I will only get into the POINT of this article of ours, while linking external info so that YOU, the reader, can exercise that brain and learn how to dig, process and analyze the info being given.

Dan Gross, for those who do not know, is the former President of The Brady Campaign. Dan became an activist after his brother was shot back in 1997 at the Empire State Building. He, like Shannon Watts, Donna Dees- Thomases, even Michael Bloomberg, etc... has a huge background in the ADVERTISING AND MARKETING WORLD. During his tenure with The Brady Campaign, Gross helped in the advocacy of the 1994 Assault Weapons Ban. So, with all of that being said, Dan is what we would call "MAJOR BRASS" in the Anti- 2A arena. To get him to even think and promote a miniscule amount of PRO GUN nomenclature & ideals is MAJOR. (For us counter propagandists of gun control orgs and their BS... this is YUGE!) Think about that for a second before moving forward. Think about how we in the PRO 2A World work so hard at getting just an ounce of attention in order to break the stigma put upon us, that there's a former, highly ranked, hardcore anti... who's still an anti... but he's swaying more to the middle of his own platform and even admits that the Gun Control world is getting way out of line. Where many of us in the 2A World try to balance living that non-complying, Pro 2A Life, all while not coming across as something sinister (like how modern Gun Control orgs have successfully painted us), Gross still stands on his anti-gun convictions, but he also sees where his own activism is being, for the lack of better words, "EXTREME."

Most recently, Dan Gross wrote an article for the New York Times, entitled I Helped Lead The Gun Cont