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Gun control group that’s suing the USA has a FFL?

It’s been known for some time that Joshua Sugarmann, the Executive Director of the gun control group the Violence Policy Center, has a FFL that has been active for years. Ammoland reported on this more recently as well back in 2017. Funny, ain’t it? A gun grabber and his org are one of the very few FFL’s in Washington D.C.

Recently, Joshua Sugarmann renewed his FFL. There’s been an address change as well.

This is confirmed on the ATF’s website.

Now the meat and potatoes. Every hear of this idiotic lawsuit? Manuel Oliver, a parent of a child killed during the 2018 Parkland MSD shooting, filed it with the help of this new group. They say the 2nd amendment is a human rights violation, therefor they want the 2A gone.

The parents of one of the victims of the 2018 Parkland mass shooting filed a lawsuit Thursday against the United States government, claiming the country's gun policy violates basic human rights.
Manuel and Patricia Oliver filed the lawsuit on behalf of their son Joaquin, who was 17 years old when he was killed Feb. 14, 2018 at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School.
"Joaquin Oliver was killed as a consequence of the actions and omissions of the United States of America that enabled and facilitated high-risk firearm sales to unsuitable civilian buyers and prevented the adoption of widely accepted measures to protect persons from being injured or killed by guns," the lawsuit states.
The Olivers claim in the lawsuit that the U.S.'s gun policies and the Second Amendment are inconsistent with the human right to live.

Here’s the group and the lawsuit:

In fact, Manuel is an advisor for them.

So let’s jump back to Joshie with the VPC. As stated on the active FFL, the address for the VPC is the same.

Viewing the Global Action on Gun Violence’s website, people and partners, there is no mention of any affiliation with the VPC/Joshua Sugarmann. Check for yourself.

Oh Look, they’re partnered with Everytown and Soros’s Open Societies Foundation.

On their website when you look at the “contact us”, something sticks out……

That address……it’s a Sugarmann’s/VPC’s FFL!

And again to confirm GAGV address:

I have…..questions. I also think it’s hilarious that two gun control groups, one of which is suing the United States in order to abolish the 2nd amendment, is at the address of ok of the few Federal Firearms Licensees in Washington D.C. Talk about irony. I wonder if Manny Oliver is aware of this lol.

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"The Olivers claim in the lawsuit that the U.S.'s gun policies and the Second Amendment... violate[] basic human rights."

What a coincidence!

That's precisely what the Communist Chinese claim!

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