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Gun control groups/lefty politicians in a “civil war” over Denver’s CCW ban in parks

Updated: May 24, 2022

This is too good. Ceasefire Colorado is loving the new ban on CCW in Denver parks (which also allows LE to harass people just on a hunch,and trying to defend their advocacy to their OWN SIDE (in which some saw how the law will create more problems with minorities and law enforcement) in helping pass this law lol.

Who’s Abbey Winter (tagged in first tweet) that they’re poking? Why that’s the Moms Demand Action chapter lead of the area lol.

Lefty city council members from other towns are even jumping in to slam Ceasefire Colorado.

They’re infighting now. This is a good thing.

Original story on this here:

EDIT 5/24: Ceasefire is still at it, attacking lefty city council members that were opposed to the ban/stop-and-frisk, and are still getting called out by their own supporters.

DENVER (CBS4) – At a meeting on Monday, Denver’s City Council approved reinstating a prohibition on allowing people with concealed carry firearms permits to carry in city facilities and buildings. The vote was an overwhelming 9-3.
“I think we’ve got way more guns on the street than we need. I think it’s a reasonable restriction,” said District 6 councilman Paul Kashmann. “I don’t know that I’m crazy about the idea of people that may or may not be adequately trained in the use of weapons acting as our constitution indicates as a well-regulated militia.“
Among the objections, councilman Kevin Flynn said, “It doesn’t appear that this solves any problem that we’re having with firearms in this city… There are probably people with concealed permits, legally with a permit, who are carrying in parks every day and I have yet to see a problem with it.”

Brady campaign is the lone “Like” of Ceasefire’s tweet there, so Brady has chosen a side.


Larry Spencer
Larry Spencer
May 22, 2022

Of course, this law could be used by the police to unfairly threaten anybody they choose with guns drawn. But the "activists" are snow blind to any effect other than those that potentially involve blacks.

May 22, 2022
Replying to

Let them fight amongst themselves. The ones who are pointing out the prospective issues are being attacked by the hardcore statists. It’s a win for us the more they fight

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