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Gun grabbers don’t want armed minorities and flat out said it today

We have yet another white neoliberal woman that isn’t happy about the increase in minority gun ownership. Nina Vinik of the Joyce Foundation (and she also helped for the gun control group March For Our Lives) had this to say today:

For the past five years, I've been working to understand Americans' views and behaviors related to guns. The findings have been striking.
In 2000, gun ownership had been steadily declining for a quarter century, and most Americans knew that having a gun at home would make them less safe. Today, gun ownership is on the rise and the vast majority of Americans—including three-quarters of young people—believe that guns make us safer.

At the same time, the demographics of gun ownership are changing, with more young people, women and people of color buying guns than in the past. And they're buying guns at an alarming rate.

You might remember how Shannon Watts of Moms Demand Action reacted to the shifting demographics:

Why are they upset that women and people who are not white are buying guns? Well, it’s because they are closet racists and also because the people exercising their newly found 2A rights will be far less supportive politically of their disarmament agenda. Just remember who the real enemies of freedom and empowerment are (it ain’t us “gun nuts).....


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