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Gun grabbing politician introduces forced sterilization for men in PA

Rep. Rabb doesn’t just want your guns, he wants your ability to reproduce if you’re a male over 40 or have 3 kids! Take a look at this:

Crazy, isn’t it? Shocking no one, he’s a big fan of gun control too:

Rabb introduced a co-sponsorship memo Tuesday for future legislation to "establish a well-regulated militia for the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania," a move that comes shortly after 17 people were killed in a school shooting in Parkland, Florida.
Rabb says the federal government has failed to act on gun violence, so the state must take it upon itself to respond. He wants to coordinate with multiple state agencies to figure out how to establish a militia. More notably, however, establishing a militia under Rabb's proposal would mean enacting regulations on who could own certain firearms. Per his memo:
• Amending firearm ownership licensing procedure to require Militia membership and concomitant obligations for designated classes of firearms.
In other words, Pennsylvanians would need to be militia members in order to own certain guns.

He’s also loved by Pennsylvania’s state gun control group, CeasefirePA:

Rep. Rabb doesn’t just want your guns, he wants men’s sperm.


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